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The Avengers Experience An Amazing Friday in May

The Friday results for Avengers: Age of Ultron are stunning. Sure, once the weekend is all added up people won’t look at just the Friday number. Film historians and, most certainly, studio executives are not going to look past the $84 million the sequel earned in a single day. Or should we say a half of a day? Most people work on Fridays and May 1 did not start a three day weekend. Market Wired as well as Paul Mathieson believe that those dollar figures were probably earned from 5 PM to midnight.

Obviously, Avengers: Age of Ultron is on track to being one of the most successful films in history. That feat probably will be topped by Avengers: Infinity War in two years. Maybe Captain America: Civil War will top them both.

What is it about The Avengers and so many other hero films that make them such massive hits? A film movement can become a cultural phenomenon and capture the pulse of a generation. Seeing how this occurs usually have to be looked at through the lens of history.

For whatever reason, escapist, epic fare is what people want these days. Maybe some older audience members want to relive their youthful days of reading classic comic books. Younger fans could be enthralled at experiencing the wonder of heroes for the first time. The big screen provides the platform for them.

Likely, many reasons will be given when the genre runs its course. Granted, that won’t happen for many years from now. These films are hot.

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