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The Anime Women Fans Absolutely Love



They are strong, caring, complex, funny, smart, and capable. They are female anime characters fans cannot get enough of. Because of them, their shows and movies have achieved great success around the world.


So which female characters stand out among all the others in the world of anime? First up has to be Major Motoko Kusanagi from the futuristic anime “Ghost in the Shell”. Though parts of her personality and history have gone through changes in the numerous film and TV adaptations, including comedic and flirtatious, one thing that remains a constant about this cyborg. She can kick butt with the best of them.


Akame: The primary female protagonist from “Akame ga Kill,” her long black hair and red eyes make her both attractive and intimidating. Not only is she part of the group of assassins known as Night Raid, she is a member of their Elite Seven. While Akame comes off as rather cold, she cares deeply for her comrades-in-arms.


Lucy Heartfilia: Don’t let her bright blond hair and child-like appearance fool you. This teen from “Fairy Tail” is a very talented and capable wizard. Though she is never shy about showing her imaginative and creative sides, being the aspiring novelist.


Touka Kirishima: This ghoul from “Tokyo Ghoul” has grown leaps and bounds as a character. She has gone from reckless and harsh to possessing a much calmer demeanor, and shows compassion to many other characters. But she’s not afraid fight.

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