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The Academy of Art University’s Formula for Success

Current events have proven that diverse perspectives are vital to the success of modern art. For the Academy of Art University, their 21st fashion showcase held at New York Fashion Week exemplified just that. The 10 alumni designers constructed a captivating debut full of unpredictable, bold, and innovative pieces that impressed the audience. According to the visions of these designers the future of fashion will be a dynamic one.

The success of this showcase does not come as a surprise to anyone who is familiar with the talent found at the Academy of Art University (AAU). Since the school’s inception in 1929, the institution has only had 3 presidents who have all been dedicated to the school’s motto, “Built by artists for artists.” It can be argued that there are very few award shows in which the AAU’s alum are not in attendance. Most recently, the 90th Academy Awards nominated 16 films in which an alumni of the Academy of Art University contributed.

The Academy of Art University is a school that has been embedded into the heart of San Francisco. Its numerous facilities throughout the city have been the work space for notable alumni who work all over the world for companies such as Google, Nike, Disney, Microsoft, and so many more. The school stands alone when compared to other institutions of fine art for various reasons. Firstly, the school’s simple admissions process is on a rolling basis, and most programs do not require a portfolio. This enables the university to offer quality programs to all talented individuals who are impassioned by their love of the arts. Secondly, the school has a competitive NCAA division II sports program and training facilities for their students to compete in and outside of the classroom. Lastly, the school’s faculty offer life changing internships and job opportunities to ensure the post-academic success of its students. The Academy of Art University has helped to foster talent committed to the beautification of the world around us.



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