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US Senate Majority Vote: Climate Change is Not a Hoax


The united States Senate voted 98 to 1 that climate change is, in fact, real, and can be proven scientifically. The vote is a result of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, which has been on hold for nearly a decade. The Keystone XL pipeline would carry oil from the tar sands in Alberta, Canada into the lower portion of the United States.

Republican Senators who are in favor of the pipeline decided to sidestep the climate change issue, stating that they are not scientists, and therefore cannot state unequivocally whether climate change does, in fact, exist, which skewed the vote in favor of those who believe in climate change as a scientific fact.

Senators who are opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline are using the results of this survey as leverage. They are stating that mining Canadian oil sands would hasten the effects of global warming. This vote is a historic move for climate change activists and concerned citizens like Dave and Brit Morin because climate change is one of the most important issues today.