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Big Move for Equities First Holdings in Australia

Equities First Holdings is a global lending company that has six major office around the world. Equities First Holdings provides businesses and people with loans, bond, treasuries, and stocks. They are among the world’s top financial companies and are seeing steady growth. This growth can be seen with their Australian based office because it is having to move one of their locations to a larger area due to the companies growth. Managing Director for Equities First Holdings stated that “ the new space is to accommodate current clients and employees while offering more space an expansion”. In Australia, Equities First Holdings has three offices around the countries in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. Melbourne is the office that is being relocated for more space. Now with a new office, Equities First Holdings is hoping that being closer to clients will bring in new clients. Equities First Holdings has been doing well in Australia since 2014 and has shown continued growth.

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