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End Citizens United Continues To Work Towards Its Goal

The overriding aim of the End Citizens United PAC is exactly as one would expect it to be, to bring an end to the controversial ruling of 2010 known as Citizens United. By entering the political landscape in 2015, End Citizens United set forth with what seemed to be a simple aim, work with enough Democratic candidates to ensure the Citizens United decision could be reversed at some time in the future and build a grassroots campaign designed to aid in reaching this aim.

Aiming to build a positive future for the people of the U.S. is the aim of End Citizens United which sees the company dedicated to aiding the election of as many left-leaning politicians as possible. If a majority of Democrats can be elected a Constitutional Amendment will be sought to remove the Citizens United decision from the law books; in the meantime, ECU will continue to fight to elect candidates who are friendly to the cause of campaign finance reform and protect the regulations remaining in place.

For example, the Johnson Amendment has been in place and offered little controversy since then-Senator Lyndon B. Johnson wrote the law barring not-for-profit tax-exempt groups from providing financial support for candidates during election campaigns. The punishment for those groups who were found to have broken the rules laid out in the Amendment was a loss of their tax-exempt status with the IRS. Recent attempts by Republicans to remove this Amendment from the law have been thwarted by Democrats and the high-profile media work of End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller who has raised awareness of the possibility of donors gaining tax breaks by funding a church before a second tax break is obtained by the non-profit group donating to a political campaign.

Tiffany Muller has developed a two-stage plan for reversing the Citizens United decision which starts with aiding the election of as many election finance reform candidates as possible. Once the Democrats and progressive independents are in place in Washington D.c. and across the country, the process of reversing the Citizens United decision can begin and hopefully be completed in as fast a period of time as possible for the good of the democratic process in the U.S.

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