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Susan McGalla: Renovating Gender Diversity

Susan McGalla is a success story for many women who are looking to become the next powerful CEO leader, or the next accomplished business woman. McGalla has made her way through the traditionally male-dominated realm, and has since then decided that she is going to impact the way that women fight the glass ceiling in the corporate world. Even though it has been proven that gender diverse business are more successful than those ran exclusively by men, men leadership still dominates the industry, and incentive programs lead by these men aren’t motivating women to move up in these specific companies.

McGalla has found a much more successful way to increase woman’s presence in the corporate field; sponsorship programs. Sponsorship programs are a genius way to fight the lack of gender diversity. High executive leaders in corporations can choose a woman invested in her career to sponsor by creating opportunities for her to show off her skills with creative projects that have a high profile interest within the company. This way, ladies always have someone in their corner advocating for their future.

McGalla has extensive background in developing CEOs into business with more potential than previous expected. Two brands she recently rebranded are Wet Seal and Arden B, both brands that are highly targeted towards a woman market. In order for companies to reach exactly what women are looking for, McGalla knew she needed to build up more powerful women with creative minds so that her rebranding of these companies could reach their maximum potential. She came to this idea when she realized that women are sick of being market targeted as cliche women, but instead as professional women. Professional women with the ability to make professional, executive, and creative decisions. With the positive turn-arounds McGalla has created, it seems she’s cracked the code to solving the lack of diversity in the work place, and renovating companies into revival.

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