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Surf Air Membership Benefits

Surf Air experiences team up with the collaboration of two unique and action packed adventure tourism companies. All Roads North has teamed up with an exclusive member only all you can fly Air Company to mark a five year anniversary celebration where loyal travel enthusiasts benefit the most. All Roads North is located in California and creates customized and adventurous weekend vacations. These get-away trips can include beaches, resorts, mountain biking, hiking and luxury outings. Private chefs and luxurious lodging are all provided in these memorable weekend get-aways. Now the all you can fly Air Company is working with All Roads North to jet set travel junkies to premier destinations at a reduced rate. Surf Air has also partnered with FoundersCard and the Private Suite at LAX to continually provide exquisite travel options.

The partnership with FoundersCard is providing members with VIP travel privileges at top resorts with negotiable cancellation policies and highly sought after amenities.  Surf Air is a monthly travel club where members pay a monthly rate to establish unlimited flights. Members of this club receive a no hassle way of flying. Members are appointed private TSA’s to go over boarding information and private customs agents. No longer will these members have to wait in long lines and worry about getting to an airport hours in advance. Surf Air Members also enjoy preflight waiting in a private suite with private washroom facilities and wait staff. These members are driven across the tarmac to their private plane that is waiting for them and their baggage is also handled by the crew. With travel and leisure interests on the rise many individuals are taking advantage of this monthly flight club.

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