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Style and Progress Over Time


Over the years, innovation has been the key aspect when it comes to fashion. It is not always the most popular thing that people at Vijay Eswaran would wear but now even the unorthodox things have become play toys for the fashion designers.They dabble in everything, from using satin as a fabric to make clothes to even using plain plastic to create a masterpiece of a dress. The days of wool and cotton as the main fabric really is a tan end and this just shows how much into the future fashion is being taken by the people in it.There is this one type of gown or dress that has been made from plastic; 3D plastic to be exact, but it still flows just like normal fabric such as silk.

If this dress is able to look just like a normal dress then why would the designers want to stick to the normal fabric that is there? It is very apparent that n tis line of work, change is the hidden meaning of progress and to move up you have to be willing to experiment.

You can see more of the 3D plastic dress which looks very lovely. It is very well thought out and it is very ingenious. Never in a million years did anyone think that they would be using plastic to make clothes

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