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Steve Ritchie, The New CEO of Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie became the new CEO of Papa John’s in January of 2018. He released a message to all customers, employees, and franchisees stating the new campaign for the company. Papa John’s leadership has now completed an “unconscious bias training” and plans to have the rest of the company’s employees complete this training as well. Steve Ritchie also visited some big cities to listen to employees and franchisees to better understand how the company can do better. He also stated that he will add more diversity to leadership in the Papa John’s company.

Steve Ritchie said that he went into the pizza business 25 years ago because it brings people together. That everyone can work side by side, from all different types of backgrounds. He said that diversity and equity are incredibly important to him and he plans to make that a top priority in the Papa John’s company.

Steve Ritchie plans have Papa John’s support organizations that help get rid of our biases that do not bring us together. They would also like to celebrate and focus on the things that do bring us together. They are making changes that will develop a program for women and minorities to help create diversity and inclusion. Steve Ritchie would also like his customers, employees, and franchisees to keep him accountable with this so progress can be made.

Papa John’s wants to focus on the people because Steve Ritchie believes that “people are at the heart of our business.” The Papa John’s company has a franchise assistance program that will now include reduced royalty fees, online fees, and foodservice pricing through the end of 2018. New funds will also be directed to marketing and the re-branding to help the company go in its new direction. They would like this branding and marketing to set Papa John’s apart and to refocus on regaining trust with their customers. They are especially focusing on the Millenial and Gen Z customers.

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