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Stephen Murray led CCMP Capital from its birth to multi billion dollar success

Stephen Murray was a famous name on Wall Street before his untimely death in March 2015 at the age of 52. Murray was a well known figure for the time he spent leading CCMP Capital after it was created from the buyout business of JP Morgan and continued to be successful with Murray leading the company through two multi billion dollar deals. Despite the success Murray had in the business world he was also a popular philanthropist who was willing to work with many different charitable groups to assist others in need and areas of interest for the CCMP Capital CEO.

Murray’s business career began when he joined the training program at Chemical Venture Partners and took in a number of major companies before Stephen Murray led CCMP Capital as it became a company on its own after a number of ownership changes. The Boston College and Columbia Business School graduate saw his working career begin in the 1980s and remain constant as a leader of the JP Morgan buyout business for many years until the birth of CCMP Capital. The company was guided to success by Murray, a success that includes a deal worth more than $3 billion completed towards the end of 2014 that secured the success of the company in the eyes of the financial industry.

CCMP Capital was not the only love of the life of the father of four, he was also well known for the many philanthropic works he completed throughout his life. Murray had remained active throughout his life in the support of a number of causes, including remaning a member of the board of trustees for his alma mater Boston College. Stephen Murray also made sure he gave something back to the community he lived in by working with the Make A Wish Foundation and local food banks throughout the New York City area.

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