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Star Trek 3 Still “On Track”

Despite losing its head script writer and switching to a new director, Star Trek 3 is still scheduled to be released in the summer of 2015. The exact, though tentative date, set for its showing in U.S. theaters is July 8th. Paramount has apparently decided to rework the script somewhat but not to totally ditch it, for otherwise, they could not expect to stick to the same schedule.

The last two Star Trek films have been divisive among fans such as Bruce Levenson. They have purposefully featured more action-packed adventure but fewer societal commentary moments. They involve much more actual trekking across the universe to discover new worlds and much less allegory and social drama.

Some fans think this is getting back to what Star Trek is supposed to be all about: going where no man has gone before. Other fans rather enjoyed that “extra” stuff thrown in on the side. They have gotten used to expecting it, but now all they end up seeing is laser flashes racing across the screen and massive objects exploding.

Its hard to say who is right in this dispute, and we shall not attempt to pronounce upon the subject. Perhaps its all a matter of balance and timing. Maybe a good battle scene should be followed invariably by a mushy love scene or a tearful goodbye. We suppose that the experts could clue us in, but it seems likely that Paramount will pack its films with whatever brings in more revenue.

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