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Squaw Valley Successfully Integrates the Environment, Entertainment, and the Community

Squaw Valley Ski Resort is in Olympic Valley, California. It is one of the largest ski areas in the United States. It is also the second-largest ski resort in Lake Tahoe. It is currently operated by Andrew Wirth, President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He has obtained a Bachelor of Science degree along with obtaining many professional and community service awards. He works very closely with environmental and community organizations and plays a large role in environmentally consciousness of the resort and its overall success. In 2013, he barely survived a heinous skydiving accident but returned to work the following year.

On a yearly basis the resort attracts roughly 600,000 tourists. While most are drawn to the skiing there are many other activities available throughout the year. Some other amenities include a swimming pool, a roller skating rink, dining, stores, concerts, various shopping opportunities and outdoor events. Squaw Valley strives to provide entertainment to the community despite the weather conditions. 

Making the facility available year round, helps the community to come closer together and bond through their various events and attractions. They feel that it is important for the community to have opportunities to interact with each other. They are very committed to having a positive impact on the surrounding areas. They have made great strides in reducing their environmental impact and are striving to lower their carbon footprint through various methods. They are applying more energy efficient technology to their facilities and are researching renewable energy. All of the members of the facility are dedicated to being environmentally responsible.
An example of their advancements in environmental responsibility includes integrating an Electric Car Charging Station. They have also implemented changes to reduce the carbon footprint of the overall facility. They also have organized several fundraisers geared towards raising awareness of climate change. In addition to this, they are implementing recycling and composting regimens and powering several of their vehicles with bio-diesel blends.

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