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Spectre Opening Scene Featurette

Buzzfeed writes that the next James Bond outing starring Daniel Craig is coming out November of 2015. There are already some featurettes being released. One featurette that has been uploaded to the web showcases the opening sequence for the upcoming film under the name of Spectre.

The opening sequence takes place during the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico. It does set the tone for the story to follow in this James Bond outing as Bond has to face the ghosts of his past.

In the previous series of Bond films, many films featured an opening sequence that had very little to do with the actual story. However, it did set the tone. With Daniel Craig, the films became more relevant.

The trailer does seem to hint at a slower and darker Bond film. However, many people that have read the script that leaked online have stated that this film is going to be every bit as action packed and carry the same tone as the previous film.

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