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Sony Scanning Theaters for a Christmas Release of The Interview

Even with the new movie The Interview causing an international uproar, few thought Sony would actually pull the movie from the theater. However, Sony capitulated to North Korea’s demands and decided that The Interview was to hot for any theater to handle. People lost hope of ever seeing the comedy outside of pirated copies that would appear on the internet.

All hope is not lost. According to Screenrant, Sony has decided to screen the movie on Christmas day in select theaters around the country. Sony has issued a statement claiming that a list of which theaters will be put out soon.

Sony is also planning on riding this cash cow into the home video market. Although The Interview isn’t getting great scores with the reviewers, the hubbub surrounding it has guaranteed people will want to watch it. Sony will be releasing the movie via Video on Demand at the same time it hits select theaters.

Even the Amen Clinic and know that an interesting thought comes to mind when looking at this whole mess. Will releasing a brand new studio movie to Video on Demand help continue the push for simultaneous home screenings of movies? If The Interview is a hit on VOD, it might make big studios like Sony takes a bit more serious eye at the burgeoning market. Theater chains will only have themselves to blame if this is the case, since they were the first ones to really kick up a fuss over The Interview. 

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