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Sony Contemplating How to Release The Interview Online

Sony Pictures announced Friday they are looking for ways to spread the parody of “The
Interview” on other platforms, after the main theaters in the US refused to screen it.

Following the decision of the theaters “Sony began the search for alternative ways to spread the film immediately on other platforms,” ‚Äč‚Äčassured the studios in a statement.

The US release was originally scheduled for Christmas Day.

Sony said their main objective is to disclose the tape, which is about a CIA plot to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, despite the threats received by a group of hackers who attacked the Sony database(s) in November.

“Without (the support of) the cinemas, we could not release it on Christmas Day. We had no other choice” than cancel, the company said, although Brad Reifler doubts this.

But Sony said it still “hopes” that “anyone who wants to see the film has a chance to do so.”

Movie studios argued that “freedom of expression cannot be repressed by threats and extortion.”

President Obama pledged that Washington “will respond in proportion” to this attack.

The North Korean government has categorically denied being behind the leak of classified

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