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Slyce is the AI and Visual Search Gamechanger in Deep Learning Software

AI technology has advanced so greatly that shoppers are now reaping the rewards. Slyce is the AI and visual search app that allow shoppers to obtain instant shopping information on anything they can scan or snap. By searching for images instead of key words, Slyce can quickly produce accurate results giving consumers the information they want. With just a scan and a click consumers instantly receive all the information they need. The information given back to the user includes the price and direct link to purchase the desired merchandise. Part of the smart technology, this is handy for a shopper who sees a desired item virtually anywhere and can instantly get the information they want. This could be something worn on a passerby or taken from a magazine photograph. While consumers will enjoy this advanced technology, marketers will find that this is a great tool to grow their audience.

Consumers can use Slyce in three different ways. In 1D, consumers can snap or click a barcode, QR code or even a coupon to obtain detailed information on the product. In 2D, snap or click a photo from any sort of flat surface from a magazine photo all the way to a billboard image. Slyce will quickly compare and match the photo with the metadata and return with the direct purchasing information. The last option is 3D. In this option consumers can click any image from the physical world around them and Slyce will return with similar products and information on purchasing them. Consumers no longer have to wonder where they can purchase products as Slyce makes gathering information simple as a click.

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