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Six Feet Tall And Bulletproof…From A Spider?

One of the latest scientific discoveries in the fields of arachnids could have huge impacts on national military personnel and local police and emergency response units. Researchers and scientists from several different genres have spent a significant amount of time studying spiders. The purpose of the research was to determine how the astounding strength of silk produced from spiders could be leveraged for human use. Arachnologists have already proven that just a single strand of silk spun from one spider could potentially stop a bullet. The remaining challenge was getting the spiders to cooperate with the researchers and spin silk on demand and in large quantities.

Spiders are naturally aggressive and territorial creatures so they cannot be efficiently bred or studied in farmed environments. This will make it tricky according to Bruce Levenson. Rather than attempting to harvest silk from actual spiders, researchers turned their attention to a new prospect of duplicating the naturally occurring spider silk. Graphene appears to be the most viable solution so far. The lab manufactured single sheet of atoms contains many of the same useful properties of natural silk produced by a spider. This thin and effective new creation is lightweight and flexible, with enormous strength sufficient to stop flying bullets. As studies and experiments continue, the findings could result in wearable and inexpensive full body armor for soldiers, firefighters, and police officers.

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