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Sergio Continues To Push The MJ Impersonation To Greater Heights

When Jackson took the stage there would often be a lot of screaming. It would be so amazing to see the man that was about to entertain fans that most people could not stop screaming. This is why he often stood on stage for minutes just to take in all the admiration. Sergio Cortes may be pushing for this same level of respect and admiration as the greatest of the MJ impersonations. He is taking his shows to even greater heights, and he is doing what no other impersonators have been able to do: Sergio is going on tour. There are videos of screaming fans that see Sergio Cortes and applaud him as he walks through town. This is the evidence of the striking resemblance that he has to Michael Jackson. Now he is trying to get himself more engaged with what Michael Jackson has done on stage to build an even greater show.

Sergio has the desire to take his “Human Nature Tour” around the world. He is thinking big much like his idol who moved beyond performing in his homeland of America when he was young. Sergio isn’t from the United States so he may be campaigning to eventually do the opposite and penetrate the American impersonation market. Barcelona born Sergio Cortes has been doing the MJ shows for a while now, but he has a lengthy music catalog to work with. He could honestly tweak the show for decades and continually add something new if he chose to. There certainly are some strong numbers like “Billie Jean” that are pertinent to the show, but Jackson still has material that is being released right now.

Cortes has been able to build a show that highlights the hits, but he can go even deeper because there were still songs that Michael Jackson recorded that were never released. These songs have been keeping the Jackson catalog alive. Many fans may wonder how these songs would have looked if Jackson was still alive to perform these tracks. If Sergio continues to grow in popularity he may have the chance to touch of some of these tracks and build an even greater MJ tribute show. Fans certainly do react well to his performance. He puts lots of work into it so it is easy to appreciate all that he is working on. Sergio has a work ethic that is comparable to MJ.

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