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Senator Mary Landrieu’s Loss Ushers in Age of Extinction for Southern Democrats in Statewide Offices

Senator Mary Landrieu loves her job in the Senate. She is noted for her indomitable spirit and political acumen, but in the end, her unwavering support of President Obama in a red state was her unraveling. She lost the Louisiana Senate run-off in a landslide defeat against GOP Congressman Bill Cassidy. Landrieu’s defeat in the run-off election ushers in an age of extinction for Southern Democrats in statewide offices. In fully 9 Southern states, there isn’t a Democrat in either the governor’s mansion or a Senate seat. Nor does it appear there will be one for a while as the party’s response to their punishing losses has been to shift further left.

It wasn’t just Landrieu that fared poorly in the runoff. Not a single Democrat won. The two House seats up for grabs went to GOP candidates. This nearly complete the GOP red wave that has given the party their largest House majority since Harry Truman was president. The GOP will now have their tightest grip on the Senate since 1999.

Still, Landrieu fought to the very end even staging an appearance yesterday morning before polls opened in an effort to win additional votes. It was a strong push in the eyes of Brad Reifler. However, she found that running a hard campaign at a breakneck pace was no substitute for voting against the will of her constituents. In 2009, she famously echoed the president’s assurances that everyone who liked their health care insurance would get to keep it under Obamacare. It was later found to not only be false, but to have been known to be patently false from the outset. Her GOP challenger hit her relentlessly over her Obamacare vote making the election a referendum on President Obama.

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