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Securus Technologies, Investing in the Future of Inmate Telecommunications

Securus Technologies is a company that connects inmates with their families and friends via telecommunication services. These services range from video chat to live calls and voicemail. The company was started in 1986 and serves over 2,200 correctional facilities across the US and Canada. The headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas and there are many satellite branches across the US. The company is now working on an initiative to increase the availability and access to even more people by investing over 600 million in new technology. In recent yaars, the company has also made the services more affordable in order to help both inmates and their families be able to stay in touch.


The services Securus Technologies offers are also beneficial to the criminal justice system. The phone services, in particular, have been especially helpful in solving many crimes and bringing wrongdoers to justice. In a recent PR Newswire article, many inmates, families, and the employees of the correctional facilities have praised Securus Technologies for their call monitoring services. Many of them credit the service to being instrumental in solving problems affecting jails, such as contraband and illegal activity such as drugs being sold. They also source that much evidence has been gathered via the calls to solve cases.


As previously mentioned, Securus Technologies has taken the initiative to make the services more affordable to its customers. The company is transparent in its pricing and even offers a rate quote if the customer wishes. Prepaid options also allow inmates and families to set a budget, so they can better budget for calls. This has led to more families being able to communicate with their loved ones while they are incarcerated. This is comforting to both the inmates and the families. It will be interesting to see what new technologies Securus will bring in the near future.


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