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Sanjay Shah Interviews on EPN

Sanjay Shah has gained enough recognition to be featured on interviews. He has recently gone on interviews on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network (EPN). EPN is a network that offers a lot of advice to people that are looking to make their own way and build a successful career independently of a regular job. One thing that makes being an entrepreneur an attractive idea is that there is the potential of making money pursuing one’s own desires. When people manage that, they experience a sense of freedom that they could not get from a regular job. Among the people that have experienced this freedom is Sanjay Shah.

One thing that Sanjay Shah did that proved to be successful is start his own firm. He now runs Solo Capital where does proprietary trading and sports betting among other activities. His company has proven to be a success. He is also a philanthropist. He has sponsored children at a disadvantage while working for other banks. He eventually was able to branch out and start his own firm with the marketing and investment skills that he has gained with education and experience. Solo Capital gives him some of the money he needs to fund the charities that he wants.

Sanjay Shah understands that it requires a lot of creativity in order to be an entrepreneur. It also requires the ability to be able to think beyond the limits of conventional business. Creativity is one powerful force for Sanjay Shah. With creativity, Sanjay has found freedom. He finds inspiration at the right time. For instance, a meeting with Snoop Dogg has inspired Sanjay Shah to host concerts for charity. One of the leading motivators for Shah is his son who suffers from autism. Many performing artists have gotten to spend time with the family and get to know the child.

Sanjay is among the many people who go on EPN in order to provide advice to people in various aspects of their attempts to make a successful career. Among the needed traits for business success are patience, and persistence. When people pursue their career choices patiently and persistently, then they will more likely experience success.


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