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Rising Fashion Capitals in the World

For years, the world has soaked in the great trends from four of the most fashionable cities in the world: New York, Paris, London, and Milan. Flocked by the fashionable lot – from models, celebrities, bloggers to magazine editors, these four cities are frequently visited for its fashion forward style.

However, because of recent technological advances, and how easy it is to be connected through social media, fashion is more accessible to people. The following cities might be formerly unknown to the fashion world, but these days, they are giving the fashion capitals a run for their money.

Berlin. Berlin is known for its constantly evolving cultural and fashion scene. And it continues to wow fashion lovers from all over the world. Berlin is also famous for the innovative Berlin U-Bahn fashion show which takes place in a chartered train.

Addis Ababa. Ethiopian fashion is making a wave in the international scene. With a world-renowned designer exhibiting their rich culture using Ethiopian fabrics under its wing, global brands are investing in Addis Ababa. The potential of this city is one that the world is anticipating.

Manila. With Philippine Fashion Week bringing in models such as Alison Harvard, the Manila fashion scene is making a noise in the fashion world. Dan Newlin doesn’t even follow fashion much but he knows how much it is growing. With the creativity of local designers in each city, the richness of heritage that can be seen in the fabric and design, the fashion world could benefit a lot in the rise of these cities.

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