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Rick Scott Accusations By End Citizen United

There was a care that End Citizen United had filed to the Federal Election Commission. It was about Rick Scott after he illegally used Super PAC during his senatorial seat campaigns. End Citizens United.

Is also a PAC but the organization had already said that so that to perform a political action using super PAC all you will require is the limited allowance from the federal and they will be directly placed as contributions to the candidate’s campaigns. Rick Scott was able to have raised $178 million that was planned to be used during his campaign coffers.

In accordance to the super PAC, as a candidate one is allowed to raise more money to his reach and can also spend that money but it should not be for the working process of the campaign. This is where End Citizens United accused the senatorial aspiring candidate Scott because he had made violation of anti-coordination law which was with the New Republican PAC. Rick Scott was also the acting chairman of the group in early days before he had announced his ambitions of running the United States senatorial seat. PAC had pledged to offer some help to be able to win the seat.

The End Citizens United Adam Bozzi who was the Communication Director had talked of Rick Scott interest in politics rather than the law. He said that Rick Scott all he wanted was to bypass the laws which govern elections when he puts money to super PAC but the organization was meant for president. He also said that the existence of super PAC was to be able to help Rick Scott so that he could sidestep laws guiding campaign finances so that after he paid for campaign laws and he will end up evading the disclosed laws.

Scott denied those allegations by producing documents which were supporting that charge and evidence showed that in the recent months he was still an employee of PAC. The PAC website was still listing him as the group’s chairman. He proved that End Citizens United allegations were wrong.

End Citizens had already been frustrated in 2010 because of the ruling from the supreme court. The arrival of PAC in 2015 was there to be able to guide and finance reform from the campaigns. It had a mission of getting a lot of money from the political system, that was after they had given the candidate full support. It was an agreement from their agenda and was to be addressed on their topic of concern.

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