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Richard Dwayne Blair Financial Planning

Richard Dwayne Blair founded Wealth Solutions, which is an Advisory Firm, in 1994 which is located in Austin Texas. He graduated from college in 1993 and decided that the financial services industry is where he wanted to work. Richard comes from a family of teachers and quickly realized that teaching could help a person grow. His company specializes in financial planning and investments. Richard Dwayne Blair has certifications which include; annuity specialist, estate and trust specialist, fund specialist, income specialist, tax specialist, and retirement income certified professional. Retirement planning is something he has recently decided to advise his clients about. He has a goal of helping his clients have a successful retirement. He is also listed as an investment adviser representative. Richard Dwayne Blair has a three pillar approach to financial planning. After looking at this approach, he is able to gauge what next steps are needed to make sure his clients are meeting their goals. The first pillar is basically a road map. During this step, he makes a financial road map and he gets to know the client and determine what goals, strengths, risk, and opportunities the they has. At this time expectations will be clear. This is the relationship building phase and of course he wants to build a lasting one. The second pillar helps develop a long term investment strategy. Now that the goals are known, the strategy will be set to aim towards them. During this pillar, Richard will be managing the assets so that performance will be maximized and of course minimizing the negative impact of the market. The third pillar is implementing and monitoring. At this time, Richard has learned the client’s goals and he has set a strategy in place that will reach those goals. During the last pillar, he will implement the plan and continue to monitor the progress.

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