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Qnet: Modern Marketing

When it comes to multi-level marketing, few firms can claim to compete with Qnet. It is based in Malaysia. Qnet has enjoyed continuous growth over the last couple of years due to the distinguished sense of leadership that has seen it being touted as one of the top direct selling firms in the world. Direct selling refers to the process where the products and services being offered are offered to the final consumer directly. Qnet delivers quality products and services across a wide range of market needs. The company kicked off its operations by selling collectible gold coins as investment items but has since grown in both size and market scope.

In order to emphasize on the ambition of Qnet, they have recently announced plans to have a new expanded office in India. This market will seek to have consumer goods as well as electronics introduced to the Indian market. This is not to say that its presence has not already been felt in the country as they already have manufacturing wing in the country in addition to producing an energy drink by the name Nutriplus. The operations in the country have elicited a one hundred percent increase in the profits that have been enjoyed by the company.

Perhaps one of the most profound successes that have been witnessed by Qnet includes the new partnership with English Premier League giants Manchester City Football Club. This is not only a statement of intent, but also represents of the fastest growing companies in the world. The company has interests and sells products across a wide range of sectors. This includes energy, fashion accessories, nutrition, health care and weight management. It is worth noting that one of the features that have to be associated with Qnet is the leadership that has been adopted to govern the company over the years. This is especially so when put into perspective with the different branches that are available.

The presence of Qnet has seen it have offices in almost every Asian country such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Thailand. The company has continued to enjoy massive growth since its formation as a subsidiary of the famous QI group. The business model that has been adopted to regulate the operations of the company is perhaps to be credited with the popularity that it has attracted across a wide variety of market clients from different parts of the world. The personal representatives of Qnet personally refer the products and services that are being offered to the consumers. They earn their compensation based on the sales volume that they have made in addition to the guaranteed entitlement that they have. Under the current structure, it is expected that Qnet will continue experiencing huge success rates.

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