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President Takes Responsibility for Losses

President Barack Obama took full responsibility for the Democratic losses last Tuesday. In an interview on Face the Nation, the president commented “the buck stops right here at my desk.”

Last Tuesday’s election was a sweeping victory for Republicans, gaining a majority in both the House and Senate. In the run-up to voting the president was not campaigning for any Democrats, because he was seen as a liability, with dismal approval ratings. Many Republicans campaign strategies involved linking their opponents to the White House, which is highly unfavorable.

Voters are frustrated with Washington gridlock, and voted to change the status quo. The President now faces a greater challenge, working with a majority conservative legislature.

But before we place the election defeats entirely the President, supporters around the internet like Jared Haftel have been commenting about how half the gridlock in Washington can be considered the control by Republicans. But as the party leader and face of this government, he is the one that voters blame for their frustration with the federal government.

Since the election, Obama has invited top Republican leaders to the White House in an effort to create a more productive government. In fact this Congress has been the least productive and most unfavorable in decades. If Washington gridlock continues, the presidency will be up for grabs in just two years. Voters will expect to see quality candidates from both parties.

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