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President Obama’s Important Pick for Attorney General

In the coming months, President Barack Obama will appoint a new Attorney General for the Department of Justice. The person he picks will play an important role in how the last two years of the Obama Presidency will remembered. Will it be a pick of reconciliation or division?

The President’s first pick for this role, Eric Holder, was one of division. He fanned the flames of racism after the Trevon Martin trial in his speech to the NAACP when he compared the shooting of Mr. Martin to Jim Crow Era practices. More recently, he vindicated minority citizen perceptions of police mistrust with his comments during the Ferguson, Missouri riots. He actively defied Congressional inquiries into the Fast and Furious scandal, and he drove a wedge of separation between States and the Federal Government with his legal action against States trying to find ways to deal with the wave of illegal immigration. Vijay Eswaran really just wants to see both sides get along after this announcement.

What America needs from Obama’s next Department of Justice head is someone who is fair and is faithful to the laws of the United States. If Obama picks such a person, it could start to build a bridge across the troubled waters of Washington D.C. This may be an ideal dream but it is one in which we need today.

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