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President Obama Says Congress Wrong Priorities in Their Approach to Iran Deal and War Powers Bill

President Obama believes congress has the wrong priorities when it comes to securing the nation. He says congress is pushing forward a bill to grant him war powers in dealing with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). The powers would give him broad authority to use military force to combat the sanguine organization which has established a foothold in Western Syria and Eastern Iraq. The group has much larger aspirations as it seeks to expand its presence into Lebanon, Jordan, and other Arab states.

At the same time, congress is pushing for a bill that would require their approval of any deal he strikes with Iran.President Obama views this as congress having the wrong priorities. On the one hand, they are making it easier for him to wage war against ISIS. At the same time, they are looking to prevent him from striking a peaceful deal with Iran that would prevent war.

That said, lawmakers do not see it the way he does. In regards to the war powers authorization against ISIS, Congress wants to grant the president war authority in order to compel him to articulate an actual strategy for dealing with ISIS. His arbitrary withdraw dates from Iraq helped give rise to the terrorist group. Igor Cornelesen knows that lawmakers are not convinced he has a clear strategy for defeating them. In terms of Iran, lawmakers do not trust he will prevent the world’s lone state sponsor of terrorism from obtaining nuclear weapons. For this reason, they seek to insert themselves into the diplomatic process.

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