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Pizza on White’s house‏

According to an article on, Your text to link… , many tourists are stopping by the real life house used as the home of Walter White, one of the lead characters in the series Breaking Bad. It isn’t really Walter White’s house. It isn’t even the actor’s home, but the home of a private couple completely unrelated to the show or its characters. They are good sports about having a home that has become a tourist destination to come see in Albuquerque, New Mexico. But seriously, how much of a good sport would you be if people kept throwing pizzas on your roof? I can’t say that I would be very nice, myself.

So why would people be throwing a pizza on the roof? Well if you are one of the millions of fans , like Susan McGalla, you might remember a scene in season three where Walter gets upset and flings a pizza, landing it on the roof. Funny in the show? Yes, absolutely. Funny in really life? Yes, kind of. Maybe once. But funny on a regular basis? Heck, no! Unless perhaps they throw it with the box and all. Then you could just wait upstairs for someone to toss you your evening meal! Now there is the making of a silver lining out of the frustrating stupidity of others.

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