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Philly Worst Offensive Team in History

The Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers find themselves in an infamous discussion in regards to their current team, but it is not one that any self-respecting National Basketball Association team wants to be in the midst of. They are simply being called the worst team in history. Their offense has been so horrendous that they are undoubtedly in the top five worst teams in history, if not for the first spot, but the offense alone is spectacularly bad. They have been getting beat up so bad that you honestly have to feel kind of bad for the struggling Philadelphia Sixers. What makes the situation all the more ironic is that they actually sit in the tenth spot amongst best defensive teams in the NBA.


Yes, that’s right. They are arguably the worst team in NBA history, but they are better than two thirds of current NBA team’s defenses, and that baffles Jared Haftel. That’s pretty shocking to those on Crunchbase, as you would think it is more of a skill to defend the best basketball players in the world, rather than hit enough shots to be off the list of the worst teams in history. So far the season is approaching its midpoint and the Sixers are sitting at a pretty embarrassing four wins. However, that’s better than a lot of sportscasters and writers alike have expected. Some analysts even claimed that the Sixers would only win several games all season. Regardless of the final outcome of the season, it’s a pretty embarrassing time in Philly.

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