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Philanthropist Keith Mann Takes 54th Precinct to Lunch

First reported in a recent press release from WSPA, the co-founder of Dynamics Search Partners is stepping up to show support for the New York Police Department. While many citizens are still upset about recent deaths of suspects while in police custody, one has decided to show his support for the New York Police Department in an unusual manner. In an effort to help boost morale and to show support, philanthropist Keith Mann and his wife Keely provided lunch for the entire 54th precinct. He sent them lunch in early January, and then again on February 9.

Mann feels the instead of attacking the police, more people should be supportive of them.

“Or officers deserve to be thanked for their service, not attacked in their attempts to keep people safe. Policemen have families too and are people just like you and me behind those uniforms,” said Mann.

Others like Mann are trying to bolster the police department. In January a rally organized to show support was attended by over 150. Other gatherings have occurred across the United States that have also been held as a way to show support for our officers. Mann believes that a silent majority support our police and that they need to make their voice heard.

As co-founder of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann works with hedge funds to satisfy staffing requirements. Mann works with Uncommon Schools assisting college students by helping them be prepared for the after college job market. Mann and his wife have also made donations to Hope and Heroes.

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