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Perry Mandera and His Military-level Leadership Without Mental Distortions

There’s a lot of cognitive distortions today that make it hard for us to understand, perceive or take account of the things we see, do or act on. These distortions make it hard for people to relate to their co-workers. These distortions are also a general cause of anxiety for people not equipped to deal with difficult personalities. Fortunately, you don’t need any mental distortion to understand or appreciate the success of Perry Mandera, the owner and founder of Custom Co. Inc.


The Man Without Distortion

As the CEO and Founder of The Custom Companies, Perry Mandera is wrought with all the possible business challenges you can think. Although it may be true that dealing with these challenges can be gratifying, these are challenges that could also put Perry Mandera to ruin. These are challenges that if he’s not careful, would bring him down. These are challenges that would test his limits and would test how much he can stand to fight them without any ethical violations or distortion.

A man who is virtuous requires no distortion, and in handling the operations of Custom Companies, Perry Mandera seems to understand that. In managing the different emotions of his workforce, he makes sure that he is balanced and doesn’t lose his composure. In relating to his colleagues, he makes sure that he presents facts without distortion, without malice and without sugarcoating. This kind of discipline and honesty may have come from the fact that Perry Mandera’s background is in the Marines. Yes, you read it right. The man in business has been in business because of his strong dedication to military public service (Crunchbase).

The military discipline he got is also what’s driving him to create solutions for businesses that would stand the test of time. In contrast with other companies and leaders, the offers of Perry Mandera stand out because he understands how it is to put one’s neck on the line by working in the military. He understands the concept of skin in the game. He understands what it is to mean to put one’s name at the risk of being bankrupt because of inferior service.




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