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Paul Mampilly Shows How His Expertise can Help the Average Consumer

Paul Mampilly started working on Wall Street in 1991 as an assistant portfolio manager, advancing quickly to making multi-million dollar accounts. Before he realized it a firm with six billion dollars recruited him to manage their hedge fund. This proved to be a smart decision as he helped the firm rise to twenty-five billion dollars giving them the title of “World’s Best Hedge Fund”.

While he enjoyed his successes in the financial world, he longed to spend more time at home and realized that it was time to help the ninety-nine percent of people instead of only focusing on the elite one percent. Paul Mampilly shifted his focus to help everyday people make money with their investments becoming the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing.

At Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly has increased the number of people subscribing to the company’s newsletter. Currently, over ninety thousand people have signed up to receive advice and tips on how to get financially ahead. The newsletter is eight pages and includes stocks that he believes readers should buy. The key thing to note though is that these are not random selections- instead they are stocks that he has seen positive in after studying them day in and day out, often fourteen hours a day.

Paul Mampilly has noticed since he started in the industry that the computers are doing much more of the work than they did in 1991. This has disadvantages to the market because they are tracking prices in a way that understands how other people are trading.

Another thing he has noticed is that companies like Amazon and Tesla have changed peoples thinking of what value is. Originally, the company needed to be producing a lot of money to be worth investing in but companies that started small, even on Wall Street, have grown into major corporations. Those that were on the leading edge of this have benefited.

Listening to someone such as Paul Mampilly will benefit the average consumer as well.

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