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Patty Rocklage Guarantees Total Healing To Any Troubled Heart with Her Many Years’ Expertise

Patty Rocklage has practiced counseling therapy for more than two decades, which explains her top-notch level of competence in handling her clients. She has mastered a warm and inviting way that welcomes and relaxes her patients to open up about their issues and be receptive to her recommendations. She also understands the depth of her client’s struggles and maintains a high level of confidentiality. Many couples and individuals have passed through her hands and always comes out differently. In the course of her work, the Massachusetts license holder has learned some other skills like public speaking, team building, teaching, and coaching where she is invited to share her knowledge in many forums. Her counterparts in the field marvel at her work to even regarding her as the best in that line. Her psychology degree earned from USC gave a good grounding for this life achievement.

On Marriage

Patty Rocklage has a working therapy for troubled couples. She offers the much-needed support when the couples are not able to handle problems on their own. Patty teaches better communication skills and also suggests activities that can enhance their bond. She recommends books that talk about marriage and also uses her life as an example to the couples. Unlike other therapists that offer many responses that couples end up confused, Patty comes up with solutions that are tailor-made to fit specific situations. Any couple that engages her services is guaranteed a total turnaround.

Giving Back

Patty Rocklage loves her community; she understands how important it is to have an empowered community. It is in this regard that she invests a lot of her time and resources in outreach projects. Southern Sudanese living in Massachusetts have largely benefited from her good work as she helps them secure stability in jobs, finances, and education. Last year, she and her husband joined hands to support MIT in renovating a nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab. This earned them recognition from the higher learning institution as a plaque bearing their names was erected in their honor. Patty is also very cautious in conserving the environment as her home’s landscape is done using environment-friendly methods. Patty Rocklage on Linkedin.

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