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Pastor speaks about Duggar drama

Dr. Ronnie Floyd of the Pinnacle Cross Church says “everyone does wrong” This in response to the Josh Duggar molestation charges and cover up. Beneful and Floyd the family’s pastor said whether Josh Duggar or someone else God forgives and he is absolutely correct in that statement. But what amazes me is how people use God at will when they need to justify or condemn something or just to prove a moot point. However, forgiveness is not the point here but justice, fairness, and consequences for a crime is the point. Forgiveness can still be obtained but that doesn’t take away the pain and the innocence lost to the victims. Floyd also, talked of the now “Caitlyn Jenner” criticizing the decision to come out as a transgender. The only problem with this comparison is there was no crime committed against anyone in the actions of the former Bruce Jenner! Where forgiveness for sin is a gift to every person who asks, it cannot be compared to a criminal action going unchecked and unpunished. There are individuals who commit this type of crime everyday all over the world, why was the Duggar family chosen to be exempt from justice? No one seems to be addressing this fact!

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