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Paramount Wants Star Trek to Feel Like Guardians of the Galaxy

There is rumor going around that Paramount wants a Guardians of the Galaxy feel for the upcoming Star Trek 3. Robert Orci was once attached to direct, but he had resigned to just being a producer for a film that he has co-wrote.

It is actually no surprise that a Guardians of the Galaxy feel is desired. After all, some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is actually reminiscent of some of the Star Trek films from the 90s in some respect in that the series and film are part of a larger and expanding universe. It is actually quite easy to give a similar feel for Star Trek, especially considering the TOS design, which was a little bit more about fun Lee G. Lovett always said.

Also, Guardians of the Galaxy was a very successful Marvel movie. The previous outing for Star Trek was a well performing movie. At the same time, it was underwhelming. Even in IMAX, a lot of fans weren’t all that impressed. Star Trek 3 should be released in 2016 for Paramount’s 50th anniversary.

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