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Perry Mandera and his Passions

Perry Mandera is a transportation industry executive with three decades of experience in the business. In 1986 he founded his own company, The Custom Companies Inc., which is based out of Northlake, Illinois.

Perry Mandera has recently reiterated his support for the Illinois State Crime Commission(ISCC), a non profit support group, whose purpose is to educate police officers passed their initial training programs required to become an officer. Another one of the non profits goals is to use its resources to reduce the crime rate and to lower the child delinquency rate. So how does the Illinois State Crime Commission achieve these things? They do it through such programs as educational seminars on controversial topics such as gang violence, a problem that Chicago is known to have. The ISCC also utilizes seminars for police officers to train them further in proper firearm precautions, martial arts, and hand-to-hand combat.

Being a Chicago native himself, it makes since why Perry Mandera is using his voice to praise an organization such as the ISCC.

When Perry Mandera isn’t voicing his concerns over local law enforcement training, he is doing his actual job: running his company. With Perry Mandera at its helm, The Custom Companies uses several different technologies to serve the people in, but not limited to the Chicago area (Customcares).

One of the companies main tools is Cheetah Dispatch, this allows company employees, specifically drivers to access information at a lightning quick level to insure that the logistics of automatic pickups and proof of delivery are handled adequately.

The Dock Management System or DMS for short is the industry standard program for tracking the shipping freights. This guarantees that their parcels are quickly delivered and that delays are limited to few and far between.

The Warehouse Management System is the final piece of software that Perry Mandera’s company utilizes during its day-to-day operations. This program is designed with the consumer in mind; it allows customers to track their parcels and inventory with ease due to electronic inventories maintained by the program.


Jorge Moll and the Future of Neuroscience

As a young man growing up in Brazil, Jorge Moll was already developing a desire to help people. From the spark of that desire, the flames of passion arose and ultimately culminated in his becoming the neuroscientist he is today. His dreams of bringing his home country of Brazil to the forefront of this vital medical science are becoming more of a reality everyday.

Jorge attended the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil where he attained his MD in Neuroscience and completed his residency there as well. The now Doctor Jorge Moll went on to complete his PHD in Experimental Pathophysiology at Sao Paulo University ( Using his knowledge and experience as a springboard, he then founded D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR) where he serves as President and Director. Jorge is also Director of The Cognative and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit and Neuroinfomatics Workgroup, a highly ranked diagnostics and imaging laboratory.

Dr. Moll now lives in Rio De Janeiro with his family. His days are busy from meetings with various students, fellow scientists and entrepreneurs representing many organizations. This is all part of his twofold mission to not only bring Brazil to the forefront of the science, but to bring the science into the future. He has particular interests in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Systems. He believes the possibilities of machine and brain interface along with advances in regenerative medicine and gene therapy could have a definitive impact in being able to assist people with devastating neurological injury and or illness.

Known for being transparent and open Dr. Jorge Moll fosters an environment in which ideas can freely be discussed back and forth. In this way, he and his colleagues can find the ideas that are actionable and can be collaborated on. Thus, they can tackle some of the bigger issues from which certain parts of academia, and the industry itself, tends to shy away.


Illinois Pediatrician Dr. Mark Holterman and Mariam Global Health

Facts That You Should Know About the Pediatrician and Businessman Dr. Mark Holterman

Dr. Mark Holterman is famous globally for pediatric surgery. He is an excellent surgeon, researcher as well as an educator where he has spent most of his time as a professor in various universities and medical colleges. From the track records of the Dr. Mark Holterman is a clear indication of how experienced and professional he is in his career. There are lots that Mark have done throughout the job that makes him more preferred when it comes to pediatric surgery.

There is no pediatrician and businessperson that is successful like Dr. Mark Holterman (Markjholterman). He has been in this form of service for more than two decades which shows how reputable he is in the services that he offers to people. The career that he is having have prepared him efficiently since he is a successful medical businessman. Moreover, from the experience and professionalism that he has contributed to him being a pediatrics and surgery professor at Illinois College.

Furthermore, besides the busy schedule that Dr. Mark Holterman is having he still ensure that there is proper care for all the pediatric patients that are admitted at University of Illinois hospital. The commitment that he shows toward the pediatrician is an indication that he is committed to his career.

Moreover, most of the time Dr. Mark Holterman spend on research making sure that he is doing thorough research on stem cell and other treatment so that cancer and diabetic patients are treated in the right manner. In this regard, most of his research is carried out at the University of Illinois.

He is more dwelling in regenerative medicine research that has geared him to the establishment of The Hannah Sunshine Foundation which is a charitable organization that ensures children suffering from chronic disorders are getting conservative treatments.

You can be able to find more concerning the Dr. Mark Holterman as he has written several articles based on his scientific point of view on medicine as well as textbooks. Therefore, from above facts about the pediatrician and businessman, Dr. Mark Holterman shows that he is more qualified in pediatric surgery since he is well equipped in that medical field.


Dr. Mark Holterman: The Growth of His Professional Medical Career

There are many abhorrent articles out there about unethical practices of stem cell research, using embryos that have retained no consent. Fortunately, we still have doctors like Dr. Mark J. Holterman that are attempting to make a difference (Weeklyopinion). In the middle of an environment with doctors who have ignominious medical practices, we have people like Dr. Mark J. Holterman who mirrors the ethical values of a true virtuous medical practitioner. Let’s learn more about Dr. Mark in the article below.


The Researcher and Surgeon

There are many professional labels we can attach to Dr. Mark’s name, but some of them would be: educator, researcher and surgeon. In his busy schedule, he’s still able to play all these roles and at the same time offer philanthropic work for various non-profits, which include the Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children in Vietnam. It is the mission of Dr. Mark to save lives and with his track record of offering his knowledge and expertise to others, it’s not hard to see how he really has dedication in the line of work that he is in.


Personal Background

You must know that Dr. Mark Holterman was raised in Wisconsin, and it’s interesting to note that despite his professional education, his parents both didn’t even go to college and they just sustained their lifestyle through a farm. Despite that, Dr. Mark had been such a wonderful high school student and was even told by his teachers that he had good chances of going to Yale University. As Fate would have it, Dr. Mark ended up in Yale, a school that he greatly respected.

Later on, after graduating college, Mark ended up getting a medical degree at the University of Virginia and it was during that time that he developed his interest for children’s health, so he decided to become a pediatrician. He also later too responsibilities as a medical scientist at the National Institutes of Health.

Truly, the career of Dr. Mark Holterman is something that only a few are able to go through and are able to sustain. There’s so much respect right now for the work that he does and because of that, he’s able to acquire so many responsibilities, especially in the field of regenerative medicine, to push for the changes that he wants.



Big Move for Equities First Holdings in Australia

Equities First Holdings is a global lending company that has six major office around the world. Equities First Holdings provides businesses and people with loans, bond, treasuries, and stocks. They are among the world’s top financial companies and are seeing steady growth. This growth can be seen with their Australian based office because it is having to move one of their locations to a larger area due to the companies growth. Managing Director for Equities First Holdings stated that “ the new space is to accommodate current clients and employees while offering more space an expansion”. In Australia, Equities First Holdings has three offices around the countries in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. Melbourne is the office that is being relocated for more space. Now with a new office, Equities First Holdings is hoping that being closer to clients will bring in new clients. Equities First Holdings has been doing well in Australia since 2014 and has shown continued growth.

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Glen Wakeman career at GE Capital and starting his own businesses

Glen Wakeman loves the life of an entrepreneur and helping others succeed. He started off his journey at the University of Scranton. Mr. Wakeman attended the university from 1977 to 1981 and received a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics. With a desire to further his education Glen accomplished getting his Master of Business Administration in 1993 from the University of Chicago. Refreshed and educated, Mr. Wakeman was ready to hit the work scene with fresh energy.

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During his long career Mr. Wakeman has worked for a number of companies and started many of his own businesses. One of his longest running jobs was at GE Capital, a financial services company. He worked his way up the company and eventually became Chief Executive Officer of GE Money Latin America. In his role as CEO Glen Wakeman was able to accomplish so much in his time there. Not only did he hit all the expected goals, but Glen exceeded them including $12 billion in assets and the annual earnings were over $100 multi-million dollars. That’s not all, he hired over 17,000 employees, created new products, signed lots of partnerships, and much more. The Board of Directors at GE Capital named Glen as their Growth Leadership role model.

Glen launched Nova Four which helps businesses speed up their path to success. They also help these companies with capital and gives them the most direct advice to move forward. Not only is Glen the founder of Nova Four, but he is President, is on the Board, and also does CEO coaching. He even created a methodology that can drastically change around businesses so they can succeed. These five factors that he studies within companies are leadership, risk management, execution, human capital, and governance. When changed to function more efficiently, these 5 performance factors can completely change businesses. Glen has launched yet another business for entrepreneurs called LaunchPad Holdings LLC. Imagine if you are an entrepreneur and have a great business idea, but don’t know where to go from there. You need a focused plan that will get you started on your journey. That is where LaunchPad Holdings LLC comes in. It is software that helps puts your plans into motion.


What Kind of services does OSI Group provide?

If you are interested in the differences between what different companies offer in services today, you can find a wealth of information online about specific companies all across the globe. Because some businesses and corporations are more notable and commonly known than others in certain industries, the type of information posted and published can vary from one to another. So, if you are looking for information on industry forerunners like OSI Group, you will often find that this group offers a wide variety of different services. Having said that, some of their most beneficial services have been provided to you and others below.

Locations that OSI Group has Currently and in Proposed for the Near Future

First of all, one of the first things that you should know about OSI group is that they have plants all over the United States and in other countries in North America. As a result, this company has grown dramatically over many decades in operation. For instance, starting with the following the cities and states in the U.S., here are some of the top operations that group provides.

West Chicago in Illinois
Geneva in Illinois
Oakland, Iowa
Jordan, Utah
Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
Riverside, California

All or which offer and supply brand name label services for both retail customers and Business to business customers alike. OSI group is also responsible for ensuring companies like Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, Pizza Hut and Starbucks receive the services that they need in order to supply a huge variety of different fast food items like fish, pork, poultry, dough products, hot dogs, bacon and meat patties.

It is also important to note that this company has had quite a bit of success in this industry to date, especially since its inception in the early 1900s. Based on the information from Forbes and other popular magazines, OSI group is continuing to expand across the globe in countries that their services have never been offered before. However, one of the major hurdles that this company is having to overcome is branching out into areas where there are some significant cultural differences. Specifically, as it relates to the types of food items being served. Therefore, when OSI group is gearing up to expand their services into areas around the globe, it is essential that they understand these different distinctions best each, if these expansions are going to be successful in the new geographical locations.

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A Morning With Doe Deere

See how a successful and beautiful CEO balances life and work. Doe Deere was born in Izhevsk, Russia. She came to the United States at the age of 17 to pursue her music career. While following her dream in New York city she met her bandmate Mark, who later became her husband. She was always drawn to color and wanted a makeup that would allow her to express her very colorful personality. This was the future and heart of Lime Crime, her unique and colorful make up line that she introduced in 2008.


Doe Deere describes herself as a morning person and her morning routine supports that. She wakes every morning at 8:30 without the assistance of an alarm. She loves mornings, everything from breakfast to taking a few moments to look out at the world and admire the nature around her. She lives in the dry environment of Los Angeles so she always starts her morning with a full glass of water to help her stay hydrated. After lingering for a bit she is ready for some stretching and breakfast. Breakfast typically involves grits, yogurt, or fruit. She also adds in some freshly squeezed juice from the Orange tree in her yard. She doesn’t go into the office until a bit later in the day so the next line of business is to look over her phone for any updates and scan Instagram for new trends. She touches base with her Lime Crime team and answers emails.


Being a successful CEO of a booming make up company you have to look your best when you walk out the door. Doe Deere has her morning routine that involves a little fun as she puts her look together. She turns on the music as she warms up her curling iron. She styles her colorful hair in big soft curls, her usual look. A freshly washed face and an application of moisturizer is next. She applies her foundation and sets her makeup. Lime Crime currently does not have a foundation line but one could be coming very soon. Now onto the fun part, adding the color. She applies blush and lipstick usually in a red or pink shade. Now that she’s all ready, she takes some time to give her two cats some love before leaving the house.


Around noon she is at the office, having lunch, and talking with her team. The meetings start and don’t usually end until 6pm. She enjoys her schedule and seeing her dream come true and inspiring others to make theirs come true. Learn more:


Cancer Experts At Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in 1988 by Richard J. Stephenson in Zion Illinois.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Locations

  • Southeastern Regional Medical Center

Atlanta, Georgia

  • Midwestern Regional Medical Center

Chicago, Illinois

  • Eastern Regional Medical Center

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Western Regional Medical Center

Phoenix, Arizona

  • Southwestern Regional Medical Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissue.

Common Types of Cancer:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Basal Cell Cancer
  • Melanoma
  • Colon Cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • Leukemia
  • Lymphoma

WebMD and Cancer Treatment Center of America

WebMD is a credible website that provides health information for one to help manage their health and seek support inquires pertaining health matters of concern. WebMD is a partner of Cancer Treatment Center of America providing online information to patients diagnosed with some form of cancer. The content found on WebMD is in reference to diagnosis, treatment, survivorship and caregiver support that Cancer Treatment Center of America provides. One will find WebMD’s website navigation friendly.

Cancer Treatment Center of America

The healthcare provided by Cancer Treatment Center of America is tailored to the needs of each individual cancer patient. Cancer Treatment Center of America uses only state-of-the-art technologies and supportive therapies that pin-point possible cancer-related side effects in the best health treatment that can be provided for each patient based on the type of cancer in need of treatment.

The professional healthcare providers at Cancer Treatment Center of America are highly trained professional Registered Nurses that specialize in cancer patient care, and board certified Oncologist that are specialist and experts in treating various types of cancer.

The professional staff at Cancer Treatment Center of America understands how treating a patient with cancer can put a lot of stress on the patient and family members physically and emotionally. The support of the Cancer Treatment Center of America team starts before during and after the patient’s treatment.

Cancer Treatment Center of America staff Care Managers that are like personal nurses that are available seven days a week. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year aiding the patient and family through the cancer treatment process. One will never feel alone receiving healthcare at Cancer Treatment Center of America, support and comfort are expressed at the entrance of each Cancer Treatment Center of America medical center. His facebook page

The Significant Support Of George Soros To Democracy In The Community

George Soros became prominent after venturing into the stage of philanthropists with the aim of creating transformation is the society. There are many roles Soros has played through different projects that he has implemented in the community. George Soros has donated to several foundations fighting for the human rights. For instance, he contributed an amount worth $18 billion intended to elevate the programs of the Open Society Foundation. The mission of the organization was to compel the perception of discrimination in the community and create a room for democracy. Soros believed that a balanced society marks the unity among the people. His donation to the Open Society Foundation is one of the huge ever made in the private segment.

Open Society Foundation through the dedication of George Soros has risen to be among the top foundation in the United States. There are various agendas carried out by the organization with the aim of restoring cohesion in the society. Soros as a gifted leader has the potential of putting up all the measures acting as the guidelines in steering goals of organization in the field. Open Society Foundation is dated 30 years way back. The experience of the team driving the operation of the agency has placed it at a vantage point of realizing its dreams. Most of the moves taken by the management of the Open Society Foundation are tactical though they are meant to promote democracy and human rights. There are many accomplishments recorded by the institution ever since its inception.

The spirit of teamwork and the entire leadership within the group has made the services of the Open Society Foundation flow along the right line of expectation. The direction taken by the agency has gained support from many humanitarians’ bodies across the United States. Many places have benefited from the programs of the Open Society Foundation. One of the recent efforts of the agency in assisting the community was the support to the nations which had been threatened by deadly Ebola. The support of the Open Society Foundation boosted the health facilities and their operations in combating Ebola. The other development projects that the organization has taken part in was the Roma art and culture. The idea was to kick-start the progress of development in the community by funding the projects.

George Soros is the primary source of the funds used in driving the processes at Open Society Foundation. He is also the man who gives all the direction to the juniors in the body due to his experience and pragmatic skills. The range of the money funding the organization is between $800 and $900 million yearly. The amount is all set to create democratic environment in the society where everyone enjoys his or her rights. There are other programs of scholarship offered by the Open Society Foundation to the university students through the courtesy of George Soros.

George Soros has played a central role in the mission of Open Society Foundation to create a balanced society defined by the democratic qualities.

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