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Wes Edens’ Financial Impact on NBA Players

When the name Wes Edens is mentioned in the United States, most individual recon his notable achievements in the finance sector. Well, he is among the few billionaires in the United States who have made an impact in the society due to his dedication to actualizing dreams and changing lives of many. His official name is Wesley Robert Edens, born in 1961 and currently resides in New York City. He attained his BSc degree in finance and Business Administration back in 1984 from Oregon University. Ever since, his scholarly knowledge in finance has seen him rise to success, erecting companies such as Milwaukee Bucks and among the co-founders of Fortress investment group. On several occasions, he has been offering financial advice to several people who have been having issues in managing their funds. Most of his clients have been the players; this is after he noted that the NBA players were having problems managing and allocating their finances.

Due to the lucrative lifestyle that they tend to lead, they often find themselves under financial constraints and depts. Worse of it all, when they retire from sports, they find it difficult to live without money as they did not invest when they had a chance.As a hedge fund manager, Wes Edens procured the team at about $550 million. In an interview, Wes said that he had started working with players in an aim to nature and equip them with knowledge about financial management and planning hence securing their future through investments. Like stars in the teams, they earn quite a lot of money, which at times may be overwhelming for some of them. Due to such reasons, they end up thinking that they are invulnerable to poverty.

The only time it hits them is when they retire and realize that they have been a mess all along, having wasted funds without thinking of the future. Wes Edens continued to talk of how three 19-year- olds individuals, who had just finished their high school studies did not have profound understanding and experience with crucial financial decisions they had to make hence the need for counseling.According to Edens, over 50 percent NBA players end up bankrupt the moment they retire from the league despite making around $ 5.15 million per season. Many are the times when they fail to account for the money they had made. Lastly, Wes Edens recalls how he made poor financial decisions at the age of 22 hence the zeal to ensure players do not experience the same.

Bruno Fagali: Steps To Getting A Good Lawyer

Are you an entrepreneur or corporate executive? Do you want to enlist the services of a renowned lawyer in Brazil? Many people use online resources to help them find a lawyer.

Every entrepreneur or corporate executive should strive to protect their investments, by retaining an experienced lawyer. That’s where Bruno can help.

Whether you are experiencing a tough business problem or you are looking for advice on a business issue, it’s imperative to get a good lawyer like Bruno.

With so many attorneys and law firms out there it can be daunting to select one that is right for you. You need to do some research in order to determine the best lawyer for situation. Many people go with a law firm or lawyer that has an established history of rendering top notch advice or representation to clients.

Business issues such as disputes between partners or contract breach, can be tough to deal with. When confronted with a difficult legal situation, it is advisable to get a powerful lawyer like Bruno Fagali. Having a great lawyer by your side will help to get you a good outcome.

Bruno Fagali takes steps to ensure that his clients obtain the best possible outcome in their legal issues. He is well known for working hard for his clients. Numerous organizations, business owners and high-profile individuals turn to him for outstanding legal service.

Bruno Fagali can help you to meet the legal needs of your business or organization. He can guide you in preparing legal documents. He will ensure that you understand the importance of complying with the rules and regulations of your industry.

The law is complicated, and a competent lawyer can help his clients navigate the system. If you are not an attorney you probably have no business trying to act like one in certain instances. A solid legal case can quickly unravel without the expertise of a skilled and emotionally detached lawyer.

Bruno Fagali, a highly reliable and reputable lawyer, has the expertise to help you resolve your personal or business legal issues effectively.

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The academic life and contributions of Francisco Domenech

Mr. Francisco Domenech was born on April 29th, 1978 in San Juan in Puerto Rico. Mr. Domenech spent most of his childhood years in Ocala, Florida where he attended the Blessed Trinity School which was a Catholic school. Later on, he went to Forest High School. After completing his high school studies, he joined the University of Puerto Rico where he graduated twice with a Juris Doctor and a B.A in Political Science degree.

During his campus years, he managed to serve under different positions. He served as the Student Body President from 1998 to 1999 of the UPR College of Social Sciences. As from 1999 to 2000, he served as the president of the Student Body Council, and at the same time, he served as the Academic Senator prior to serving in the Academic Senate of the UPR Rio Piedras Campus. In 2002 and 2003, Domenech participated twice in the International Law Moot Court competition on behalf of the School of Law at UPR where he managed to complete as one of the top 15 of the finalists. Visit to learn more.

In the years 2006, 2008, 2012 and 2016, Domenech has attended the Democratic National Convention as a delegate. Mr. Domenech held the position as a committee member of the Democratic National Committee for more than half a decade, representing YDA, Young Democratic National Committee as their committeeman; in the 2008 and 20012 Conventions, Mr. Domenech represented YDA as a superdelegate.

Mr. Domenech served as a whip for the delegation of Puerto Rico. In the 2016 primary campaign that occurred in Puerto Rico, Domenech served as the top fundraiser of Hillary Clinton in the U.S where he attended the Democratic Convention for the fourth time, after his election as a Delegate to represent the Senatorial District of Bayamon.

As Mr.FranciscoDomenech served as a managing partner at POLITANK, he has also contributed actively to different philanthropy endeavors like the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, the Clinton Foundation, the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico, the Washington Center for Internships & Academic Seminars, Museo de Arte de Ponce, the Scholarship Fund of TASIS Dorado, and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation.

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Milan Kordestani: CEO of Innovative Milan Farms

Milan Kordestani is accomplished in many ways. Having only graduated high school in 2017, he has worked to make a name for himself as an equestrian, author and founder/CEO of Milan Farms.

Milan Kordestani’s early life was successful, as he started riding horses at the age of 10 and competing in the Worlds Championship as a youth. He is known for placing 3rd in the Worlds Championship, 17 and Under Park Division, in 2015. He also placed 2nd, in 2016 in the 5-Gaited Show Pleasure Division. He Graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory in 2017 and started Milan Farms as a sophomore in high school. He is currently a student in California.

As a writer for Huffington Post, Milan Kordestani authors articles in the fields of mental health, politics, and agriculture.

Milan Kordestani’s company, Milan Farms, focuses on producing poultry, eggs, mint, and saffron. There are currently three farms that distribute eggs to the West Coast and they are responsible for distributing organic saffron worldwide. Milan Farms practices transparency with their customers, so they know exactly how the food is grown and where it comes from.

Milan Farms is leading the way in growing saffron hydroponically on microfiber sponges and testing drip irrigation and aquaponic systems to get the best product to the customer. They concern themselves with raising poultry in a humane and organic setting.

As a way to help save the trees and stop the destruction of forests, Milan farms is dedicated to donating part of the profits from the sale of their eggs to give back to the world.

Milan Kordestani started his successes early in life and is someone to watch as an author and in the future of agriculture. His systems for researching and implementing different ways to grow crops can be a game-changer for the world of agriculture.

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Ryan Seacrest Has Learned the Art of a Balanced Lifestyle

Typically, a day for Ryan Seacrest will begin as early as six o’clock in the morning. He begins with a shower and a shave, sips a cup of matcha tea, and then switches to coffee, before heading out the door. As the new co-host of “Live” alongside Kelly Ripa, he now has a much shorter commute from his apartment to the New York studio. It only takes about seven minutes from the Upper East Side, where he resides. While in the car with his driver, he will normally catch up on the morning news.

Ryan remains the host of American Idol, and he still continues his morning radio show “On Air with Ryan Seacrest.” He is the executive producer for the long-running reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” on the E! Network. He is also the founder and chairman of Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which he started as a way to help young children, who face life-threatening illnesses, to learn and play in multimedia centers; appropriately named Seacrest Studios. The foundation has 10 studios at children’s hospitals throughout the nation.

It’s hard to imagine having time to complete all of his many hosting duties and business responsibilities, yet Ryan Seacrest finds a way to do it all. He also remains committed to a fitness regimen. He has a few trainers to keep him motivated to stay physically fit. Ryan Seacrest will be the first person to admit that he indulges in more food and wine than he should sometimes, especially on weekends, but he has learned how to bounce right back to the gym. Although he declares that he’s mostly a vegan, Ryan loves to eat and isn’t shy about sharing with others. He’s usually picking up the dinner tab – sometimes paying the restaurant in advance.

Ryan Seacrest, now 43 years old, has learned how to slow down, while still being productive. He no longer responds to business issues reactively, but instead, he will choose a more measured approach. If there is something that can wait until later in the day or be scheduled, Ryan says that he will “queue” the task to be resolved at another time. His favorite words to use is “got it,” which means that he can “queue the issue” and then move on.

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The Many Sides Of Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins is a well known rally car driver in Brazil for the Bull Sertoes team. He competes with his brother Michel Terpins. The Sertoes Rally is an incredibly difficult and challenging race due to the vast assortment of terrains. Rallies are complex and require the right skills and the ability to withstand the pressure. The team must have the chemistry necessary to work well together. Rodrigo Terpins finished the first leg in approximately two hours. This guaranteed a finish in the top ten. The team finished the seven stage race in 8th place and third in their category.


Rodrigo Terpins family is active in sports. In addition to his race car driver brother, his father was a famous basketball player. Rodrigo Terpins is a lot more than a successful rally driver. He is also a very successful entrepreneur and businessman. He created a company he called Floresvale because he believes in sustainability and protecting the environment. Most of the wood extracted in Brazil is from nature and lacks any certification. He created the business with his partners to not only benefit the environment but supply more certified wood. This means he must spend a lot of time in both the city and the countryside. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Rodrigo Terpins is excited by the development of the environmental conscience. This is having a positive effect on his business. He feels it is important to be aware of what is occurring throughout the world and pays attention to the consumer trends. This helps him in the process of making decisions. He believes in staying current with the market practices and understanding the big players. He has ensured the growth of his business through acquisitions. Instead of beginning his business from the ground up, he purchased forests for a better starting point. Check out



Rodrigo Terpins did experience a failure as an entrepreneur. He put a lot of work and energy into a farm business that did not work out. He is currently in the process of selling the business. He also believes the business of the future is cannabis for both the medicinal and recreational uses. He feels this business will grow due to the scientific advancements.


Richard Dwayne Blair Financial Planning

Richard Dwayne Blair founded Wealth Solutions, which is an Advisory Firm, in 1994 which is located in Austin Texas. He graduated from college in 1993 and decided that the financial services industry is where he wanted to work. Richard comes from a family of teachers and quickly realized that teaching could help a person grow. His company specializes in financial planning and investments. Richard Dwayne Blair has certifications which include; annuity specialist, estate and trust specialist, fund specialist, income specialist, tax specialist, and retirement income certified professional. Retirement planning is something he has recently decided to advise his clients about. He has a goal of helping his clients have a successful retirement. He is also listed as an investment adviser representative. Richard Dwayne Blair has a three pillar approach to financial planning. After looking at this approach, he is able to gauge what next steps are needed to make sure his clients are meeting their goals. The first pillar is basically a road map. During this step, he makes a financial road map and he gets to know the client and determine what goals, strengths, risk, and opportunities the they has. At this time expectations will be clear. This is the relationship building phase and of course he wants to build a lasting one. The second pillar helps develop a long term investment strategy. Now that the goals are known, the strategy will be set to aim towards them. During this pillar, Richard will be managing the assets so that performance will be maximized and of course minimizing the negative impact of the market. The third pillar is implementing and monitoring. At this time, Richard has learned the client’s goals and he has set a strategy in place that will reach those goals. During the last pillar, he will implement the plan and continue to monitor the progress.

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Dr. Saad Saad: Stepping into the World of Medical Invention

Dr. Saad Saad believes that some of the best inventions are born out of a need or necessity. He has led a very distinguished career as a pediatric doctor and surgeon in various countries all over the world. His most prestigious post was when he became the personal doctor for the Saudi Arabian royal family, living in the country for many years. While there he helped the royal family, but he was also able to help impoverished children as well. He willingly performed complex procedures and difficult surgeries on underprivileged children. He enjoyed that his position there gave them the flexibility to participate in these types of activities.


Now that he is back in the United States, he has turned his eye to the world of invention. Over many years of practice, he has found that there are several things that could use improvement. One of the things that he believes could use the most improvement is the placement and location of catheters. Catheters have a multitude of uses but are typically used for blood and urine output as well medicine dispatch. Instead of forcing the patient to get an x-ray every single time the doctor wants to confirm its position in their body, Dr. Saad Saad found a way to track it with an electromagnetic tip placed on the catheter. The catheter can then be tracked using a very small device that the doctor can carry in their hands. While this invention has been a game changer in the minds of many medical professionals, it is not currently in production. The reason is not in production is because the cost to produce it would be quite high, but many manufacturers are still looking into the potential that it may have and it is quite possible that it will be produced in coming years. Learn more:


The second device is being used because of how relatively cheap it is to make. It is essentially an endoscope, which is used to look at the throat and stomach, with a suction device attached to it. There are even some models that include irrigation so that doctors can participate in both suction and irrigation when necessary during an exam. Before this device, doctors were forced to remove the endoscope every single time they needed to complete one of those tasks. Now, with this device doctors have the time they need to go through the procedure and leave the endoscope in place. This reduces discomfort during the procedure and decreases the time it takes for them to conduct the exam exponentially. Anyone interested in exploring these inventions more confined information on the Medical Daily Times under the heading “The Life Saving Medical Inventions of Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon”.

Adam Milstein- Growing ccncern about anti-semitism

Anti-Semitism is a growing concern for the Jewish community all over the world. Agents of hate are targeting the community for discrimination that is unwarranted. According to JNS author Adam Milstein, there is growing concern about the spirited fight that radical groups have engaged in is aimed at smearing the Jews as the cause of all the problems facing the Middle East. The radicals Islamists view Israel as a colonizer who deserves to be evicted out of the region. In their warped thinking, the Jews are the cause of the problems they face. The growing hate against Jews has reached parts of Europe and North America. Going by the recent trends, more radical rights and lefts are joining the anti-Semitism smear campaigns.

Adam Milstein is concerned that the hate against Jews is being allowed to go on with other nations not thinking about the dangers it will pose in future. All the groups which support anti-Semitism have one thing in common; they are all proponents of anti-westernization propaganda. The radical lefts and rights are being used by the radical Islamists to fight their own countries unknowingly. By pushing the agenda of the radical Islamist, they are slowly entrenching anti-westernization beliefs in their regions. Anti-Semitism hate therefore deserve to be done away with as it has a bigger agenda than just to oppose the Jews. The Jews and the Americans share a lot in common. Any attempt to hit on the Jews is a threat to the Americans. As the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel is seen by other countries in the region as an outcast and a sympathizer of the Americans.

Adam Milstein is the chairman of the Israeli-American Council. This is an organization that aims at strengthening the Jewish community. The group has been supporting and mentoring young Jews. The aim is to make them grow up knowing that they deserve to protect their identity since it’s already under attack from the radicals. Adam Milstein wants those a stronger Israel, and most importantly the defeat of anti-Semitism hate being sponsored by the radical Islamists. He is also a philanthropist and is the founder of the Adam Milstein Family Foundation.

Jay Z Throws Epic Birthday Celebration For Friend Juan ‘OG’ Perez

Roc A Fella CEO Jay Z made waves recently for the birthday bash he bankrolled for longtime friend Juan “OG” Perez. The night’s celebration reportedly set Hova back $113,000 and the small circle of family and friends that were present to celebrate Perez’ 50th birthday were said to have experienced a great time.

The night began at the Japanese restaurant Zuma where OG, his wife Desiree, Jay Z, and a handful of others enjoyed a $13,000 dinner that consisted of sushi, lobster, and steak. The next stop for the party was Made In America, a spot in Inwood that serves as both a restaurant and nightclub where $9,000 worth of drinks were consumed.

The highlight of the night was a trip to Playroom Nightclub where the party balled out of control with 40 bottles of champagne and a total bill of $91,000.

The friendship between Perez and Jay Z began back in 1996 when the two were introduced to each other by Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke, who is the co-founder of Roc A Fella records. Perez and Jay hit it off immediately and found that they had similar interests in entertainment, the NYC lifestyle, and sports.

Perez helped out with managing studios for Jay during the early years of their friendship before the two of them embarked on a business journey together in 2003 with the opening of a string of sports bars and lounges in the New York area. The sports bars became instant NYC favorites that were known for live music and celebrity guests.

Perez feels that the sports bars the two started eventually led to the deeper involvement that Jay has now with sports management. He explains that professional athletes would frequently enter the club and would sometimes solicit advice from Jay as well as himself. This, Perez says, led Jay to become convinced that there was room for his brand in the sports world.

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