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Adam Milstein, Philanthropist

Adam Milstein is a true American success story. Born in Morocco, Milstein was raised mostly in Israel. He even served in the Israeli Defense Forces during the Yom Kippur War. As an adult, he moved to the United States. He ended up in Los Angeles, California.

That’s where Milstein really hit his stride. He completed an MBA at the famed University of Southern California. When it came to find a job, he quickly realized he would need to strike out on his own. Propsective employers were not making good offers. He wouldn’t be making any more than someone with less education and training.

Instead of working for someone else, he struck out on his own. Milstein became a commercial real estate broker. In just three short years, he had seen enough success to become a real estate investor. Today, Mr. Milstein is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties.

One of Milstein’s secrets is that he’s not work-shy. If there’s a gap in the market, or he can’t find someone to provide a service, he does it for himself. He also doesn’t limit himself. Instead of being perfectionist, Milstein allows his goals to shift as he gets more information. His go-getting attitude made it more than possible for him to achieve the American Dream. It’s also made it possible for him to help others reach their dreams.

He’s become a committed philanthropist. He’s particularly interested in Israeli-Jewish issues. The Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation seeks to help strengthen Israel. It makes grants to worthy organizations working there and in the US.

Milstein also sits on the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel. This organization makes it possible for young Jewish Americans to visit Israel. Other organizations he supports include StandWithUs and the Israel on Campus Coalition. With his philanthropy, he has helped enhance young people’s lives. He’s made things better for the populations of two countries he calls home.


White Shark Media for Reliable Digital Marketing Services

Online presence is essential for businesses. It not only offers a platform for business visibility but a way to reach potential and existing clients. It is, therefore, necessary for every enterprise to have in place a digital marketing strategy. White Shark Media, one of the fastest growing digital marketing agency, is a magnificent player in this role for businesses that do not have enough time and resources to do it on their own.

White Shark Media marketing campaigns are efficient and effective. They aid companies in utilizing online marketing strategies to enhance growth. They do Keyword call tracking and integration of Google Analytics. The company is equipped for detailed monitoring of all marketing efforts they undertake. They use competitive intelligence and proprietary reporting software. For businesses just starting off, they can build a compelling brand image and enhance the attraction of new clients from scratch. To ensure accountability, they offer monthly reports to their clients.

The marketing agency offers cost-effective marketing solutions appropriate for small and medium-sized companies. They undertake free pay per click performance evaluation to identify strengths and weaknesses and provide specialized solutions. Their staff of over 150 digital marketing experts are certified by both internal and external standards and have a mastery in Google Analytics, AdWords Search, Display Advertising and Bing Ads.

White Shark Media was established in 2011 and prides itself on being a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner. The collaboration only includes hand-picked agencies, and the company is one of 29 partners in the United States. They, therefore, meet Google’s stringent eligibility and training requirements. They are also in an alliance with Microsoft and are part of Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program.

Given these achievements, there is no doubt that engaging with White Shark Media benefits businesses from their proven expertise. They will put forward unrivaled strategies, which include both offline and online marketing, to attain set goals regarding digital marketing.

End Citizens United is on its Mission to Protect Johnson Amendment

The conservatives are ramping up their efforts to remove the remaining restrictions of the campaign finance laws. A number of blows they could make to the election system that affected the credibility of the democracy of the country post-Citizens United verdict in the year 2010 by the honorable Supreme Court of the country. Though the criticism of accessibility by foreign institutions into the political system is shaking the American politics, Republicans are not found to be worried about the endangered election system. Further, they wanted to extend it and started working to weaken Johnson Amendment. President Trump has signed the executive order that gives access to organizations like churches to take part in political campaigns – it was earlier forbidden by 501(c)(3) of Johnson Amendment.

As a leading PAC that fights against uncontrolled money into politics, End Citizens United expressed their protest against stripping the Amendment on August 30, this year. ECU’s Tiffany Muller points out the threat that it would help large money groups to use churches as tools for secret funding. Additionally, they can ensure tax-free money to political campaigns as money to churches are coming under tax exemption. When the Amendment was introduced in 1954, it was widely criticized and labeled as communist propaganda. But, later it created a clean system, and churches did not find issues with the regulations. The Amendment was not meant to restrict churches from political campaigning but to stop money group to funnel their money through churches. Visit to know more.

By removing the purity of the Amendment, conservatives want the system more rigged. ECU started its works for protecting the Johnson Amendment as it also feels that it would remove the separation line between the state and church. Even if the bill could not damage Johnson Amendment, ECU thinks that the right groups would try to damage it in other ways. Therefore, the PAC asks everyone to support the mission to protect Johnson Amendment to save their democracy. End Citizens United was created in 2015 to protect the blow given by the Citizens United verdict to the election system.

The PAC has conducted various campaigns among the people to educate the dangers associated with the Citizens United verdict. Interestingly, a large section of people is now aware that the system has destabilized them and rally behind ECU. The PAC has vowed to bring legislation to curtail the effects of the verdict by the Supreme Court in 2010. ECU wants to send maximum campaign law reformers to both the houses to pass the legislation. For that purpose, it started raising funds, supporting finance reform champions, mobilizing grass root campaigners, raising campaigns through media outlets, and more. It also reaches out the citizens through social media to educate the need of raising voice against Citizens United verdict.

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Fabletics and Don Ressler Join the War against Breast Cancer

Although Kate Hudson is best known for her acting role in “Almost Famous,” she is also the Co-founder of Fabletics, an American online retailer that sells women’s leisurewear. Recently, Kate Hudson, along with Fabletics, partnered with the Council of Fashion Designers America, a nonprofit trade association, to help promote breast cancer awareness. Kate Hudson, along with her Fabletics business partners, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, were participants in this year’s Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC) charity campaign, which was aimed at uniting the fashion world in the fight against breast cancer.

Considering that more than 200,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, it’s no surprise that Kate Hudson and Fabletics, a company that prides themselves on empowering women through fashion, agreed to rally support around Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. For their role in the charity campaign, Fabletics unveiled a stunning blue and pink capsule collection (most essential or influential pieces from a collection) for the fashion gala, which was held in the Del Amo Fashion Centre mall located in Torrance, California, with all of the proceeds going to FTBC. In an effort to contribute even further, Fabletics have announced plans to make the same capsule collection available on their website,, and their brick and mortar locations, for those who were unable to attend the event.

The charity campaign at Del Amo Fashion Centre mall marks the second collaboration between Fabletics and FTBC. In an interview with, an online independent news site, Hudson reportedly expressed an interest in continuing to play a role in these charity events, that spur cancer awareness; so, it’s probably safe to say Fabletics will be front and center for any future events.

If you’re curious about Fabletics, it was founded in 2013, through the collective efforts of Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson, and is marketed as a fashion-forward athleisure brand. The business model was the brainchild of Ressler and Goldberg, who approached Hudson with the intent of forging a business partnership that would revolutionize how apparel would be marketed to women. Obviously, Kate Hudson was impressed with the business plan and went into business with Ressler and Goldberg, to form Fabletics.

Granted, Huson is the face of Fabletics, but she also plays an integral role in the company; she routinely analyzes inventory and sales figures and has been instrumental in helping the company reach $250 million in sales, for the 2017 calendar year.

How To Have More Money For The Emergencies

Put These Chips Away For A Rainy Day

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A Few More Tools To Help Your Savings

The endless opportunity leads us to commit to working for your financial prosperity. The fact is, you need a few more tools to help reach the financial goals you set. Part of our approach is in reducing the unexpected. We use all the tools we can.

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The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Drives Quality Cancer Care Through Strategic Collaborations

Cancer patients in the US are poised to benefit from a revolutionary collaboration between healthcare giants Allscripts and NantHealth with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The organization, which is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, operates a network of five national hospitals dedicated to fighting cancer. The facilities are in Georgia, Illinois, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. The result is Clinical Pathways, an integrated treatment platform that enhances cancer therapy and physician’s clinical workflow.

The system provides physicians with a diverse range of evidence-based strategies that enable them to deliver safe and efficient therapy options to patients. It empowers the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, CTCA to provide personalized care to cancer patients that transforms their quality of life. In this case, it takes the guesswork out of the equation, provides a point of comparison between multiple therapy options and streamlines the treatment process.

The Allscripts medical system brings to the table a comprehensive medical database with thousands of treatment regimens. This is curated from peer-reviewed papers, oncology groups and state bodies. The treatment programs include supporting evidence, anticipated results, costs, risks and related literature.

CTCA offers innovative care strategies that improve the quality of life and minimize the risks associated with side effects. CTCA facilities have earned the reputation of being the best in the industry. Their inclusive approach ensures patients and their families are part of the therapy decisions. CTCA facilities have been recognized with numerous industry awards for delivering excellence in patient care.

Some of the honors come from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, American College of Radiology and the Association of Community Cancer Centers. The specialist hospital network was launched in 1988. It has a strong focus on quality patient-centered care driven by cutting-edge technology and collaborative initiatives. The multidisciplinary team of experts at CTCA is dedicated to providing informed precision therapies that improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

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The Leading Private Publishing Entity in Financial Advice- Agora Financial

Agora Financial has been in place since 1979. The company became independent in 2004. Initially, they had only been a subsidiary of The Agora Inc. The company is privately own and deals with publishing. They are situated in Baltimore, Maryland. Their publications that come from emails, books and conferences are all aimed at giving financial advice. The founder of this company goes by the name, Bill Monner.

Agora Financial through their advice have gotten to aid many companies and prevented them from collapsing. For instance, there was the panic of the 2008 collapse of the Lehman Bros. Due to the swift publications that go round with information and financial advice, the panic and the bankruptcy of American Airlines were known of before they happened. The publications handled by Agora are both free and paid.

The company has a range of experienced investors who help companies and individuals know how to grow their wealth. The growth is facilitated by better financial decisions that only this company is able to give or provide.

The company has more than half a million subscribers to their services. The subscribers range from those with an economic perspective, deal with international market analysis, contrarian investment ideas and those with an interest to change the global economy.
Decisions and predictions are what have kept the company going. Top management and those who help financial advice, are not afraid to make predictions. The panic of the Lebron Bros was one major prediction that got to happen after masses had already read and others heard about it. Their predictions have greatly helped to mitigate financial risks.

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Anthony Petrello- Donor to the Neurological research Center in Texas

Anthony Petrello is making airwaves in his the United States and the world at large for his contribution in helping children who are suffering from neurological diseases. Anthony Petrello has been the factor behind setting up of the largest Neurological research center in the world. The center which is based in Texas has been built through the contribution of Anthony Petrello. The neurological research center is based at Texas Children’s Hospital. It was started by Anthony Petrello and others after they saw it fit to have a facility that would address the issues that children suffering from neurological diseases undergo through. Anthony Petrello has been the biggest donor to this facility contributing $5 million single-handedly while at the same time promising to adds another 2 million dollars if the center showed signs of improvement.

Anthony Petrello started this neurological research center after an experience that he underwent through while trying to find medication for his daughter who suffers from a neurological disorder. Baby Carena was born prematurely. She would later develop a neurological disorder where his heart would not be able to pump enough blood to her brain. This created a scenario where her brain was getting less oxygen than it should. What resulted is that she developed a problem known as cerebral Palsy. This a problem which has affected her ability to do any task that requires motion. For instance, she is not able to talk, walk or chew food.

This neurological problem has sent Anthony Petrello to almost every known big hospital in the world. He searched for the best medical care for her daughter, but there was none. No hospital had the facilities or a department that dealt with neurological disorders like the one his daughter was battling with. After being around the world looking for the best medical care, he realized that there was very limited information out there on how neurological disorders should be treated. As a known problems solver, he took it upon himself to start a center that would research theism medical field. The neurological Research center found at the Texas Children hospital has been a result of his initiative to facilitate research in this medical field.

Anthony Petrello is a top business leader who works for the biggest drilling firm in the world. As a business leader, he has many connections with influential people. He had been working closely with the children’s hospital to raise funds for this initiative that he hopes will change the lives of children in the world today.

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Organic EOS Lip Balm Returns To Its Natural Roots

The growth of the lip balm market in recent years has resulted in a growing number of flavors and colors designed to bring the best in organic ingredients to the EOS lip balm range for the long term. Among the many flavors available in the EOS Lip Balm range is the organic strawberry option which is certified 100 percent organic and made solely from natural ingredients; in a bid to make sure the natural ingredients of EOS Lip Balm are as safe for use as possible the company does not test their products on animals and are tested by dermatologists.

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EOS Lip Balm has been making an impact on the future of the beauty industry this company has been looking to develop its range of products to include pomegranate, passion fruit, and summer fruits flavors to make the experience of using these lip balms as enjoyable as possible. EOS lip balms in the organic range have been developed to not include petroleum and paraben alongside being enriched with shea butter and natural fruit extracts, refer to

Established less than a decade ago, EOS Lip Balm has spent much of the last few years establishing an instantly recognizable brand based on the pastel and bold-colored packaging used for its range of high-quality products. Using an innovative marketing approach which brought together many of the leading celebrities of the 21st-century as pop stars such as Katy Perry brought these products to their fans.

In such a short space of time, the new approach taken to lip balm by EOS Lip Balm has resulted in the company rising to the position of having the second highest number of sales in the U.S. with an estimated revenue by 2020 of $2 billion.


An Insight into the Inspiring Career of Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a Swiss serial investor, a sports lover, and business executive. He has a great passion for the use of technology and digital transformation for start-up business as well as the entire Swiss economy. Mike has an education background in financing and business administration. He has an extensive career background in banking before switching to venture into his own business. Currently, Mike Baur is the Co-founder and executive chairman of Swiss Startup Group AG.




In 2000, Mike Baur graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Bern with a bachelor degree in Applied Science, Banking, and Finance. Later in 2007, he joined the University of Rochester for an MBA and the University of Bern for an Executive Masters of Business Administration. Mike Baur began his career in Banking where he worked for over two decades.


Mike Baur started working at UBS Wealth Management in various positions from 1991 to 2008. At UBS, Baur succeeded in working and advising affluent Swiss investors on investment matters. The talented banker switched to Clariden Leu in 2008. At Clariden Leu, Mike became the head of private banking in Switzerland until 2012. From 2012 to 2014, Mike served at Sallfort Privatbank AG as the head of private banking. Mike Baur ditched his lucrative banking career to focus on his passion for tech start-up companies.


Career after Banking


After quitting his banking job in 2014, Mike Baur launched a company called Think Reloaded. The firm provides consultation service to wealthy Swiss people on financial management and investment advice. The same year Mike Baur co-foundered the Swiss Startup Factory with his friends, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer.


The company aids the young aspiring entrepreneurs in technology by providing training and mentoring services. The firm’s program is an educational process where promising tech entrepreneurs are presented with three months assistance. The services are aimed at increasing the success of these companies. The digital entrepreneurs are funded, provided with free offices in Zurich and taught how to market their products globally. Furthermore, the entrepreneurs are given a chance for networking.


Also, Swiss Startup Factory organizes a pitching contest for the tech startups. Organized at the University of St Gallen, the START Summiteer gives thirty new participants an opportunity to showcase their plan, model as well as their product. The contest accepts only those firms with less than $1 million funding. A winner is declared after an intensive analysis by financial experts. The contests assist the promising companies to attract funding and other assistance.


Mike Baur has acted as a jury member in the contests and has collaborated with SSUF. After the Swiss Startup Factory partnering with CTI, Mike was named the deputy managing director in early 2016. His immense management skills also assisted the company to collaborate with Goldback Group through the accelerator program. Mike Baur exciting career has and is admired by many. He has mentored many of the Swiss as well as global young entrepreneurs. His switch from banking career to entrepreneurship was profiled in the wall street journal on December 2016.