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Southridge Capital Financial Solution Can Make Your Day

Southridge Capital LLC was founded by Stephen M. Hicks in 1996 and is its Chief Executive Officer. Southridge Capital LLC corporate headquarters is in Ridgefield, Connecticut. It has other offices in New York City, Los Angeles, and Ontario.


Kings College granted Hicks a B.S. in Business Administration, and he received his M.B.A. from Fordham University. His financial experience includes risk arbitrage, investment banking, and financial structuring. To see more you can checkout


Based on Hick’s extensive business experience he guided Southridge Capital LLC to solve such corporate issues to provide services to over 250 companies to meet their needs in such areas as:


  1. Transforming a private company into a public company,
  2. Promoting individualized financing techniques,
  3. Optimized balance sheet management.


Southridge has created a niche in providing customized financial planning, referred to as structured finance, for its clients and has invested over 1.8 billion dollars on behalf of its clients. One form of structured financing is designed to eliminate or transfer debt by creating securities based upon contractual debt, such as auto loans, credit card debt, residential and commercial mortgages.


The cash flows of these contractual instruments are sold and treated as securities by third-party investors. The debt from these contractual instruments has been referred to as collateralized debt. Southridege Capital LLC thus created new financing which was unrelated to market conditions. The result is that for small companies new money can be raised quickly through the securitization of contractual debt. The underlying debt will result in principle, and interest cash flows which are then redistributed as new financing as the direct result of creating mortgage-backed securities. Asset-backed securities are created by nonmortgage instruments.


The financing strategies employed by Southridge Capital LLC were designed to solve such issues as creditworthiness by eliminating debt. The result was not to have any impact on the company’s level of liquidity. The reduction in debt did not require a public offering and the required registration statement. For more details you can visit





Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum – Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in various hip, knee, and joint replacement, and reconstruction techniques. But he is notable for his alternatives to knee replacement surgery, using a minimally invasive technique, as seen on the WPIX-11 Morning News. Robert Reed was a prime candidate for Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s partial knee resurfacing procedure. Robert was an active man for over twenty-five years, taking part in such activities as karate, as well as a wide variety of active sports.

But, unfortunately leading such an active, and physical lifestyle caught up with Robert over time. He developed arthritis in both of his knees and was unable to cope with a regular daily life without pain and constant throbbing in both knees. As it turned out, Robert was in need of knee surgery. His Doctors decided to do a partial knee resurfacing. The knee is made up of three parts. A total knee replacement would replace all parts.

Whereas a partial knee resurfacing allows doctors to simply resurface the end of the diseased bone, with metal on one side and a high-density medical plastic on the other. This leaves the rest of the healthy knee and ligaments intact, minimizing trauma. While it is stated that partial knee resurfacing is not recommended for cases such as severe arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, it is a positive alternative for those suffering from localized osteoarthritis. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum was trained at the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia, but currently practices in New York.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Takes Clients’ Lifestyle Changes into Consideration

HCR Wealth Advisors have managed to cover a lot of ground when it comes to helping people manage their finances. This is a company that has worked hard to be transparent when it comes to people that are building portfolios. This is a company that has advisors that are transparent. They do not hold back when it comes to giving information on what is going to be the best choice for long-term financial wealth.

Building a portfolio can be something that takes years to successfully develop because different situations happen. HCR Wealth Advisors are financial planners that help people build their wealth based on these transitions. There are times when the death of a family member can affect money that is coming in or going out of a portfolio. There are times where a job change, or a life change like a divorce or an illness can change your investing potential. It is often good to have an advisory firm that takes these elements into consideration. A lot of people can give advice on things like stocks and annuities, but many investors do not have a plan to help weather the volatile stock market during times when an individual is facing personal crisis or other transitions. HCR Wealth Advisors seeks to develop close relationships with investors to help them through their uncertainties.

This type of attention to detail often involves a personalized plan. This is why many clients choose to stay with the firm. People tend to stay connected to the team at HCR Wealth Advisors because these are planners that reach out to their clients. These are the planners that can develop a personalized financial plan that does not follow a cookie-cutter model. This is what each investor needs. They need a financial advisor that is going to develop a personalized plan based on the various lifestyle changes and investment strategies that their clients would like to implement. Everyone is not going to be a high-risk investor. Everyone needs different modifications based on their desired level of risk-taking.

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Francisco Domenech’s political career and success

Francisco Domenech’s political career and success

The name Francisco Domenech is a big name in the political field in the United States and Puerto Rico. Francisco graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a degree in political science. He later enrolled in the same University again and got his JD.

Francisco’s political career journey

While a student at the University of Puerto Rico, Francisco dabbled in politics. He was the student body president as well as a member of the University’s Academic Senate. This marked the beginning of what he terms as a political adventure. Francisco Domenech became more acquainted with politics after graduating. He partook in a number of political ventures including fundraising, policy development, voter registration activities, canvassing, and a number of campaigns.

He was a former director of the Office of Legislative Services in Puerto Rico for three years beginning 2005. During this time, his job description included the provision of legal services, overseeing in-house work and management of the council, supervision as well as representation of the Senate’s interests. In 2007, Domenech became a member of the Democratic National Committee. His role was representing the young Democrats in America. He stayed with the committee for five years two of which he was the Vice President for Development after spending three years as the National Committeeman. Read this article at Caribbean Business to know more.

Francisco Domenech’s role in US politics

During the 2008 and 2016 election period, Francisco represented Hillary Clinton in his campaign in Puerto Rico. He coordinated fundraisers to raise money for the campaigns nationwide and made a name for himself in the process. He was appointed the chair of the Hillblazers movement, a movement that sought to provide a platform for activists, young voters, professionals, and students, during the Hillary campaigns. He played a major role in Hillary’s win in the primary polls in Puerto Rico both in 2008 and 2016.

He has also served in the previous four National Democratic Conventions as a delegate.

Francisco Domenech and the Politank Firm

Politank is a law firm that deals with government affairs. The firm specializes in mapping out strategies that are meant to represent private interests in the government. Francisco Domenech serves in the firm currently as a Managing Partner.

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Ryan Seacrest a Trusted Name on TV and Radio

Ryan Seacrest may just be the hardest working man in show business. A true entrepreneur, Seacrest has been a nationally-syndicated radio show host, a producer, a host of Live with Ryan and Kelly, top 40 radio countdown, , as well as the host of the popular American Idol series. He also owns a skin care and clothing line and runs the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a non-profit organization that builds broadcast centers in pediatric hospitals that enable young patients to explore radio, TV and other media opportunities while returning to good health.

It seems like the sky’s the limit for Ryan Seacrest, it seems lie no matter where you look you see his face and hear his voice. He has even become the face of New Year’s Eve taking over the helm of the long running, Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve, when Clark was unable to continue the tradition. Knowing how important the show had become and not wanting it to fade into obscurity when Clark fell ill, Seacrest took over the show, but still pays tribute to Dick Clark. As the countdown begins each New Year’s Eve, Seacrest and invited guests celebrate the new year with music and entertainment.

Many people don’t realize that Seacrest also produces the popular show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Whether you love it or hate it, back in 2007, Ryan Seacrest thought a TV show about the professional and personal lives of the Kardashian/Jenner clan would keep TV viewers engaged. Throughout the series, many changes have taken place, marriages, divorces, children and even sex changes. To his credit, viewers were interested in the family and it began it’s 15th season in August 2018, making it one of the longest running reality TV shows in history.

In his Forbes profile, it shows that Ryan Seacrest was born in Dunwoody, Georgia, but has spent much of his adult life in Los Angeles until he signed up to co-host Ryan and Kelly, which necessitated a move to New York. No matter where he resides, we can always count on Seacrest on radio and TV.

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Ara Chackerian’s Achievements in San Francisco’s Healthcare industry

Ara Chackerian is one of the personalities who have streamlined San Francisco’s healthcare industry. His most celebrated achievement is the establishment of multiple health care organizations that have filled existing gaps in the medical industry.


Ara Chackerian’s top accomplishments

Mr. Ara Chackerian started his career in 1991, after graduating from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

In 2001, Mr. Chackerian established BMC Diagnostics, a healthcare facility that provided medical imaging services and ultra sound services. The company was honored as one of the fastest growing healthcare in in San Francisco. In 2007, Health Diagnostics purchased the facility.


After the acquisition of BMC Diagnostics, ASC Capital Holdings appointed Ara Chackerian as their general partner, a position he still holds.

In 2009, Mr. Chackerian co- founded PipelineRX, San Francisco’s first telepharmacy. PipelineRX, was founded with the aim of providing 24/7 pharmaceutical services, as well as freeing up pharmacists from their heavy workload.

Currently, Mr. Chackerian is the co-founder and board member of TMS Health Solutions, a healthcare organization that he co-founded in 2015.

Ara Chackerian and other healthcare thought leaders decided to co-found the outpatient psychiatric facility to take care of patients living with drug resistant depressive disorder. In fact, the facility acquired its name from the transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) technology used to manage chronic depression. For more details visit


Three years down the line, TMS Health Solutions has grown to large facility serving patients living with chronic depression, chronic pain, and memory disorders. Unlike most facilities, TMS Health Solutions utilizes holistic approaches to manage mental disorders.


Ara Chackerian’s Philanthropic efforts

Besides his administrative and entrepreneurship role, Mr. Chackerian supports multiple charities that work to improve the living standards of the less fortunate citizens in San Francisco.

In 2011, JUMA ventures appointed Mr. Chackerian as their board member. Since then, he has collaborated with other administrators to help youths from unstable families to secure decent employment, as well as college education. You can check out their website


Besides JUMA Ventures, Ara Chackerian volunteers in Limonapa Teak, a sustainable farm that conserves the environment by encouraging the use of environmental friendly agricultural products. The farm employs hundreds of jobless residents in Nicaragua.


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A Look at the DAMAC Owner and Big-Hearted Businessman, Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani, Founder and Chairman of DAMAC Properties, has been featured in many publications and written about in many platforms for all good reasons. Apart from being a great businessman and leader of DAMAC Properties and other companies, he is also rich at heart. Under his leadership, DAMAC Properties has outgrown its UAE base to become a worldwide investment and property company. In 2017, it appeared in Forbes’ prestigious list and it was ranked number one global company.

A look at the charity causes Hussain Sajwani advocates for

With a wide business portfolio, Hussain Sajwani has expanded his businesses and ventured into investments across the world. Apart from real estate and property development, he has ventured into construction and building, investment as well as catering markets. Additionally, he values philanthropy and that made foundation for start of charity foundations and programs.

In line with His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision, DAMAC owner has endeavored to change lives and empower the community through education.

In a statement, the DAMAC owner believes that it is their moral obligation to give back to the community because it has given so much to them. Hussain Sajwani supports various charity organizations such as Emirates Red Cresent, Dubai Cares among many others. Philanthropy is rooted deep in Hussain Sajwani’s family values.

In the same breathe, according to Property Finder, the DAMAC owner has taken it further by starting a foundation that would see many youth get the desired education and skills. That is in reference to One Million Arab Coders Programs.

A look at One Million Arab Coders Program

Albawaba says that the program that is aimed at providing programming and software development skills to people is a way through which DAMAC owner will promote the Arab community’s growth. It is currently being implemented in phases and many students have enrolled so far. The whole course takes 3 months and is offered online.

The program is an initiative of the Mohammed bin Rashid Global Foundation. Its ultimate goal is equipping one million students with programming as well as software development skills which will help them secure employment.

The successful candidates are given certifications. The 4 developer tracks that are being offered include: android development, data analysis as well as Front and Back end website development.

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The Achievements of OVME under the Leadership of Dr. Mark McKenna

Some people sometimes wish to change something about themselves such as a blemish, a scar among others. Fortunately, there is a whole cosmetic industry working hard to help people in changing these things without struggling. Traditionally, one would be able to visit a doctor or go to a hospital if he or she needs a treatment such as Botox injection.

However, many people don’t like going to the hospital only because they are not comfortable there. That is where OVME comes in aiming to create a warm and comfortable environment that any client will be pleased to go for treatment. It is like one going to the favorite salon or barber shop where one feels treated special, and many things are laid out for his or her comforts. Anyone wants luxury when getting the treatments and that is what OVME is offering.

Clients at OVME are allowed to come to OVME boutique at any time, no need of spending the night. The services are offered with all possible quality and convenience of the clients. The patients leave the OVME boutique when they are satisfied.

Just like Uber app operates, OVME under the leadership of Dr. Mark Mckenna is working on a unique app where his patients can be able to open the app, book the appointment by selecting the time of treatment that they want on the app.

But unlike uber where one doesn’t need to make checks before getting a cab, a professional doctor must make sure that their patients are aware of what they expect and what is right for them by carrying out some consultation before treatment.

This would have been a big challenge, but Dr. Mark McKenna has guided OVME to put that into consideration by ensuring that the patients can finish consultation via the app. To complete the consultation is easy because the client is just required to video chat with the medical consultant before booking for the treatment.

Under the leadership of Dr. Mark Mckenna, the OVME focuses on four critical areas for medical attention which are the face, overall wellness, body and treatments which are for men.

Dr. Mark Mckenna is a medical doctor and an entrepreneur. He went to Tulane University Medical School where he received his medical degree.

The Rise of Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner

DAMAC Properties is a multinational firm that specializes in property development. During his higher education at the University of Washington, Hussain Sajwani pursued Economics and Industrial Engineering. His entrepreneurial journey started with a catering business. He has invested in the hospitality industry for more than three decades. Under his leadership, his catering businesses have been ranked as some of the best in the industry. The DAMAC owner controls over 200 catering ventures which are located in several parts of the world including the Middle East and Africa. Hussain Sajwani is considered as one of the pioneers of the property market in the United Arab Emirates. DAMAC Properties has been operating for more than a decade. Some of the works of the property development company are in cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, and the United Kingdom.

Since its inception in 2002, DAMAC Properties has built more than 17,900 homes and 44, 000 structures are in progress. The growth of the firm can be attributed to his visionary leadership and vast experience in identifying potential investments with good returns. The DAMAC owner is one of the most renowned Arabs around the world. Hussain Sajwani has always focused on growing his businesses. As a form of diversification, he has also invested in global equity and capital markets. During an interview, the DAMAC owner disclosed that he was inspired to start doing business during his tender age as he used to work in his family business.

As per Property Finder, Hussain Sajwani also pointed out that his risk-taking attitude has also contributed to his success. To acquire some capital for establishing his business, he sold time-share apartments. According to him, self-employment has the potential for more income than working for other people. The DAMAC owner is always involved in meeting with key stakeholders in the firm to ensure that all the activities are being performed as planned. He values his clients and has always adopted strategies to retain and attract more over the years. He is a family man and often creates some time for his family. He believes that digital marketing can revolutionize the business world. He pointed out how social media has gained prominence among businesses due to its effectiveness in communication. See this Youtube video.


Waiakea Water Company has created a unique product

Waiakea Water Company is run by an entrepreneur with exceptional leadership skills and knows how to create a great product that is outstanding from the rest. Ryan Emmons has come up with unique natural water with plenty of health benefits and sustainable. The company has ensured the bottles used are recyclable, and the process of production of the water is friendly to the environment. The packaging is excellent, and customers have been happy with the kind of water they are getting from Waiakea Water Company.

Waiakea is a young company, but over the few years it has been on the market the growth has been immense. Why has Waiakea achieved excellent success in only a few years? The success is because of the loyalty of customers. They have established trust, and they trust that they will always get the best water from Waiakea. The water tastes delicious because it comes from a natural source. Since the water is naturally obtained, it contains some minerals like calcium and magnesium which makes the water unique and different from other bottled water.

Ryan Emmons knew he had to make a quality product to attract and maintain his customers. That is why he is always looking for the ways to improve the quality of water. He is also looking for ways to keep expanding his company to cover many parts of the world. One of the new undertakings for the company is the use of improved water bottle. They have focused on creating a water bottle that is degradable because they to ensure they do not damage the environment for the future generations.

Ryan Emmons and his employs are working hard to ensure that people do not miss the most basic thing in their life. Many people today love bottled water instead of tap water because they have realized it has many health benefits. Waiakea is Hawaiian water, and it has a lot of health benefits, and that is why many customers love it. Apart from providing clean drinking water of good quality, Waiakea is a company that is always generous. They donate hundreds of bottles of water to communities that are in dire need of water.