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Celebrity Ryan Seacrest’s Philanthropic Hat

There is only one man in the entertainment industry who has not only worked in five different genres of the industry, but who is also paving the way for philanthropy and blazing a new trail for other celebrities to follow in his footsteps. This man is no other than Ryan Seacrest: the famed host of American Idol and the New York City New Year’s Eve ball dropping. Seacrest has opened up a flagship recording studio on the seventh floor of the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. The studio is frequented by many types of celebrities in the Los Angeles area, and is a place where children can learn the news, broadcasting, and entertainment side of the world in order to lift their spirits and give them hope for the future. The patients are allowed to make music videos on green screens, record songs, listen to interviews from the many celebrities who stopped by, meet and greet them, and hear live performances from the artists.

Celebrities who have stopped by include Selena Gomez, Danielle Bradbery, Drake Bell from the show Drake & Josh, Nick Jonas, Chris Martin of Coldplay, CeeLo Green, Jason Derulo, John Legend, Keith Urban, Kelly Clarkson, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, and many more: All stop by for a visit.

The flagship studio has been so successful that Ryan has opened up ten more studios across the country. The locations of these newer studios include Dallas, Charlotte, Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia, and others. Ryan Seacrest has a successful career in varied genres including radio, film, sports commentating (Superbowl), and even some producing … for which he has earned two Emmys. Ryan Seacrest is the producer of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Jamie Oliver’s food Revolution, Married to Jonas, and Shahs of Sunset. The TV host‘s presence has even graced the likes of the movies Knocked Up, Get Smart starring Steve Carell, and he has been the voice of Butter Pants on Shrek Forever After.

Louis Chenevert Provides Career Guidance for Young Workers

Louis Chenevert is a successful business leader who is excited about the future. Over the past few years, he has done a great job helping people get to a new level in their career. Louis Chenevert is the type of person who is always willing to work hard to achieve his dreams. Even though he is the CEO of United Technologies Corporation, he still works hard every day to improve the business.

Louis Chenevert started his career working at a small company in Canada. He never dreamed that he would lead one of the most influential companies in the world.

Back to School

After working for a company for multiple years, Louis Chenevert decided to go back to college to earn an advanced business degree. Many people enjoy reading about his career progression. He received an MBA, and during his time at college he expanded his network in multiple ways. An extensive network is one of the most critical aspects of career success. Anyone who has a robust network can achieve their goals in business.

Taking on More Responsibility

Louis Chenevert advanced rapidly in his career after earning an MBA. He is an excellent manager of people, and he is continually looking for ways to improve his management style. He reads leadership and management books each month. He wants to take his company to new levels and to achieve his goals he must become a better leader.

During his career, Louis Chenevert has continuously asked to take on more responsibility. He loves managing and developing people. He is already started to develop the next CEO at United Technologies Corporation. Unlike many CEO’s, Louis Chenevert wants the company to continue growing after he leaves. This commitment to excellence is one of the biggest reasons that Louis Chenevert is so successful.

How Has Randal Nardone Been Unlocking Potential?

What is the primary duty of a banker? Remove the focus on profits, money or interest rates. Isn’t it all about banker Randal Nardone unlocking potential?

UBS: Unlocking Potential

The Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) has a motto of unlocking potential. Randal Nardone worked for UBS and learned his trade well. He has taken his knowledge to America, where he co-founded the Fortress Investment Group in 1998.

This was a hedge fund that had the agility to maneuver through the thickets of business without becoming ensnared. It had its plan and maintained its focus on unlocking potential. How did Randal Nardone unlock potential?

Fortress Investment Group Recycling

Some might have seen a bunch of cold barren mountains, but Randal Nardone saw value when his Fortress acquired the Canadian ski resort owners, Intrawest. The best pieces were carved off. In August 2016, its luxury adventure travel brand, Abercrombie & Kent was sold off for a nice profit.

Certain companies are collectors and hoarders. They might have accumulated a lot in their attic, but don’t know how to get any value from it. Randal Nardone is kind of like an antique dealer. He sells what people have stored in their attics.

A good example was the Montreal Maine & Atlantic Railway. This railway line had gone bankrupt after a crude oil disaster in 2013. Randal Nardone’s Fortress saw an opportunity. It purchased the assets in 2014, hoping to invest $20 million more and then re-sell it as the Central Maine & Quebec Railway.

Just like any good antique dealer, Randal Nardone understands the value of a good coat of paint. It can hide the tiny nicks and cuts in old assets. By giving the asset a makeover, it can be resold for a tidy profit.

Successful bankers also understand demographics. That is why Fortress invested in Brookdale Senior Living and took it public. The American population is aging and the services of senior care centers will be in high demand.

Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone

Capital Flows to Productive Purposes

The ideal path of capital is towards the most productive purposes. It is kind of like water, which seeks its own level.

Capital will flow to the most efficient businesses. Sure, banker Randal Nardone has been unlocking potential, but he has also been focusing on the most efficient businesses. Those with room for improved performance get Nardone’s attention, those that are doomed to fail, fall by the wayside.

This capital optimization might be what attracted the SoftBank to the Randal Nardone Fortress. In 2017, SoftBank acquired the Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion. Principals, such as Randal Nardone remained in charge at Fortress.

The SoftBank had gone around the world searching for assets to invest in. Its goal was to build up a Vision 2.0 Fund to create the new infrastructure for tomorrow. The SoftBank CEO admitted that both physical and human assets were key to the acquisition. And, that includes Randal Nardone. The SoftBank hopes that Randal Nardone will continue to unlock potential.

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Roberto Santiago Helps To Restore Brazil Building By Building

The Manaira Shopping Mall is Brazil’s largest shopping area built by Roberto Santiago in 1989. Roberto wanted to contribute to Brazil’s weak economy and he wanted to create a new high-quality shopping experience for the region’s residents. Mr. Santiago is a popular developer, entrepreneur, realtor, and businessman. Not only did he build the Manaira Mall, he also built a smaller sized mall in a nearby area called The Mangerira Mall in 2013.


Roberto Santiago graduated from the University Center of Joao Pessoa with a Business Administration and Finance degree. He also graduated from the Pio X-Marist College with a Master’s Degree. As a successful businessman, Roberto Santiago believes in supporting the betterment of Brazil by employing as many of his conterrâneos as possible. Mr. Santiago’s first business was a cartonnage company which manufactured and shipped products made from quality cardboard material.


Mr. Santiago built the three-tier Manaira Mall with architectural grandiose. The Manaira Mall is open 24 hours a day. He designed the mall with colorful amenities including floral paintings and flowers which are unique to this South American country. The Manaira Shopping Mall features family size movie theaters with dining and lounging amenities, multi-lane bowling alleys, family amusement park areas, fully equipped gyms, a large food court, upscale bars, and chef-inspired restaurants.


There are retail shops of all types featuring home design ideas, electronic stores and more within the three floors of the Manaira Mall. The Manaira Mall is said to increase Brazil’s retail growth forecast which gives the region a positive recovery report after a couple of years of a slow recession. Mr. Santiago said that the mall is bringing millions of shoppers, diners, and fun seekers (O divertimento de asilo). For total comfort, Mr. Santiago also incorporated chic VIP rooms with plushy seating, modern video/streaming equipment, and other hi-tech amenities.


The Manaira Mall was cleverly designed by Mr. Santiago to be a great cultural experience for the citizens and visitors. Within the mall are banking systems and an accredited college. On the rooftop is the massive Domus Hall. Dormus Hall was designed by Roberto with a massive stage to support local entertainers and to be used by performers from around the world. The Dormus Hall will also be used to host many local activities like wedding ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, graduation events, regional fairs and more.


Mr. Roberto Santiago enjoys blogging. He blogs regularly about activities in and around Brazil. Not only does he enjoy writing, he is also adept as a video producer. Roberto Santiago is a generous philanthropist as he invests in many local industries, entertainment ventures, financial partnerships, educational projects, and real estate endeavors. He also enjoys off-road motorsports.


Sussex Healthcare Gives People The Chance At A Better Life

Senior care often lacks in the way they take care of patients. Many companies that offer senior care only take care of people in a way that allows them to just be comfortable. They don’t take extra steps to give them a better life. Sussex Healthcare knows its important to keep seniors active and give them a life they can feel good about. Just because people are elderly doesn’t mean their quality of life should diminish. The company knows how to help people and they’ll do what it takes to give them the options they need.

Even though seniors know they are getting the best care at Sussex Healthcare, families know it’s one of the best places their loved ones can be. Many people choose to use Sussex Healthcare because it’s a positive experience but others choose to use it so they can help people with different opportunities. No matter what reason loved ones put their elderly people in, they know they can get more from Sussex Healthcare. They also know the things that will help them through different options. It is their goal to always give seniors the best care.

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Sussex Healthcare is now the standard for senior care. They care for elderly patients the right way. Other companies see what they’re doing and they know how to help. They also know people can get more from the opportunities they have. Since Sussex Healthcare sets the standards for a better life for seniors, they know what they can do to give people a better chance. When other companies see what Sussex Healthcare does, they base their ideas off of it. Everyone wants to be like Sussex Healthcare because of how well they treat their patients. They have many options for seniors other companies don’t use to make them have better lives.

Whether seniors are getting active in the gym on site or they’re enjoying the many entertainment options the company has to offer, they know how important it is to get things from Sussex Healthcare. They also know their families care about them when they put them in a place like that. It is not hard for people to understand how well they work because they show them what they’re doing to be successful. No matter what, Sussex Healthcare continues offering different options to people on their own. They work to give them a chance at a better future for other people.

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How Does Stream Energy Give Back To The Community?

Stream Energy was established in 2004. It is traded as Stream Gas & Electric Ltd. Rob Snyder, Chris Domhoff, and Mr. Pierre Kokshaji founded the firm. The main business activity is the provision of energy services, such as electricity, clean energy, and natural gas.

The firm also engages in the sale of mobile services, such as mobile devices and data plans. Its protective services arm provides credit-monitoring devices, identity protection among other technology support devices.

The company’s inception rode on the energy deregulation in Texas. This meant that power consumers who were not customers of a power company owned by the municipality could choose any retail provider to serve their needs.

Texas State is one of the largest power consumers in the United States. This resulted in the formation of this company to satisfy the rising demand.

To serve numerous power consumers in the state, Stream Energy devised a plan to be among the cheapest providers of this resource. This plan paid off, and the firm started its expansion program to other states.

It sold electricity in seven states including Georgia and Washington D.C.

Successful companies use a strategy known as multilevel marketing, network marketing or referral marketing. This is where the company sells products through distributors and salespeople.

Unlike an ordinary setting, Stream Energy does not pay these people. Instead, the salespeople earn money from the sale of the company products or by recruiting more distributors into the network. A distributor then earns a commission from the people they have recruited.

The firm also holds meetings where they gather people and market this idea. The aim is to recruit more people into the network. This model paid off, and it continues to earn massive profits for Stream Energy.

The company uses these profits to fund the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm of the business. CSR is where businesses give back to the community by donating to charity organizations, or by starting charity projects themselves.

Dr. Kamil Idris – Intellectual Property Champion

Dr. Kamil Idris studied Philosophy, Political Science and Economic Theories at the Cairo University in Egypt and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Dr. Idris is a Sudanese who was born on August 26, 1954. He received his Masters from Ohio University in the United States in International Affairs and International Law. Later he graduated from the Graduate Institute of International Studies, the University of Geneva in Switzerland with a Doctorate in International Law. In May 1999 Dr. Idris was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Law Degree from Franklin Pierce Law Center. Indira Gandhi National Open University in India awarded Dr. Kamil Idris an honorary Doctor of Letters in 2005.


Beginning in November 1997 to September 2008, he held the position of the Director General of World Intellectual Property Organization. Dr. Kamil Idris is a worldwide civil servant and an intellectual scholar. He was the leader of the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants. After resigning from the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants he became the Director General of World Intellectual Property Organization.


According to Dr. Kamil Idris, the exploration of new trade abroad for new and enhanced mechanization and merchandise have fueled globalization. Because of this exploration, the number of worldwide patent applications has boomed, putting more pressure on many patent offices around the globe. The extra workload at some patent offices in most cases has grown faster than their ability for patent applications to be examined. An example of this growth would be if there were more than 900,000 patents in waiting in the United States of America in 2005, and the Japanese Patent Office had over 800,000 patents pending in the same year, then a vast amount of patent offices would feel pressurized.


The number of applications for the patent waiting to be examined is vastly different from one patent office to another. It is imperative that common ground is found within the worldwide community on how these bottlenecks can be overcome. Those using the system and are searching for efficient and cost-effective IP services, WIPO is forming a forum to discuss these issues.

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Shervin Pishevar: A New Superpower on the World Stage

Shervin Pishevar is well-known for his entrepreneurial savvy and his ability to find the right investments to seed. He has successfully seeded over 60 companies, both individually and through his own company, Sherpa Capital. He has also created new companies himself, one of which is Hyperloop One, a technology firm that focuses on new and innovative ways to transport goods cheaply and quickly. When someone like Shervin Pishevar, who has had his ear to the ground on the U.S. Economy for years, starts to talk about the fall of the economy during a 21-hour tweeting session, people will tend to listen.

This session on Twitter, the large social media platform that allows its users to create 140-character posts, raised a lot of eyebrows. Shervin Pishevar has made predictions like this in the past, but none of them have been so clear, and none of them have been on so many topics. Pishevar talked about the future of bitcoin, the U.S. Economy in general, innovation, technology, and most importantly, the place of the U.S. on the world stage going forward. It was in this realm that most people got concerned.

Pishevar started by stating that the United States would no longer be the center for innovation and technology. He stated that innovation was becoming borderless, with so many more people and companies from around the world gaining access to the internet and other resources that had once been reserved for large corporations with enormous capital reserves. He also stated that Silicon Valley, once a haven for innovation, has dried up. It is no longer competitive on the world stage and will be the cause of the downfall of the U.S. in the tech sector.

Pishevar then went on to talk about America’s place in the infrastructure and manufacturing race, an area that has been hotly debated and cited for the reason by the U.S. needs to spend more on bringing in companies and building new roads and bridges. Shervin Pishevar stated that countries like China are able to build major projects in less than a day, while the U.S. struggles to even find funding. Overall, Shervin Pishevar’s tweets spelled doom and gloom for the U.S., and it suggested that a new superpower was about to take the world stage.

Anthony Petrello And His Greatest Philanthropic Passion

Tony Petrello is a familiar name in Texas, and he was a beacon of light when Hurricane Harvey hit. Petrello, the CEO of Nabors Industries, was one of the first on board to help after the disaster struck. What Petrello chose to do to help out was charitable, admirable, and above all it was worth sharing as a model for other businesses that were not involved in Texas.

The first order of business for Anthony Petrello was to let employees know that they were needed for relief efforts, and he also wanted to ensure that his employees went where help was needed most. In addition to Petrello’s call for his employees to help those in need, he offered them paid time off to go and be a part of this endeavor. It is no secret that Petrello is passionate about philanthropy, but this was a cause for an urgent need in his home state.

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At the heart of his efforts, CEO Petrello wanted to send a message that he cares about the community as a whole. The goal for him was not just about making a profit, but rather to make it clear that he not only lives and works here, he is interested in building up a community and putting families first. When the people can take a look at the companies that are willing to jump in, it says a lot about the company and who is at the head of the company. In this case, Petrello was still around, making sure that his true passion for helping others created a culture at Nabors Industries that says, “It’s all about helping others”.

Participating in the community is not something new for Tony Petrello. Tony and his wife Cynthia have long been contributors to the Texas Children’s Hospital since the birth of their daughter Carena. When Carena was born prematurely, she was suffering from a condition known as preventricular leukomalacia. When the diagnosis was given, it was a very frustrating time for the Petrello’s as the doctors didn’t have a lot of research at this time for this condition. Tony Petrello is passionate about helping others, and there seems to be no limit to who he would help.

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NGP VAN Offers Advice For Building an Effective Rally

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was, without argument, the expert on creating a grassroots movement for social change. About his movement, he said, “We know from painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed.” This need to demand change caused him to, among other things, organize highly effective rallies across the country. This heritage of using rallies for social change continues to this day. The experienced people at NGP VAN have been helping Democratic campaigns and nonprofits make a difference for well over ten years. They recently offered advice on their blog for forming the best rally for your organization.


Getting The Timing Right

According to Gabby at NGP VAN, rallies are a powerful way to mobilize grassroots support, but timing is of the essence since the fires they ignite in voters tend to cool with time. Other than announcement rallies, NGP VAN suggests limiting your rallies to the days before an important election or policy vote.


Managing the Details

The people at NGP VAN are activists themselves, and they understand all of the frustrating details that go into planning a successful rally. In their blog post, they mention some often-overlooked elements in planning a rally that will make a difference:


  • Location- The size and type of location in which you hold your rally can make a huge difference in your turnout. Also, the shape of the venue, whether it’s outdoor or indoor, and other factors will affect whether you can draw in all of your supporters, as well as passers-by.


  • Sound System- NGP VAN mentions that it is common for rally organizers to forget to consider the impact of surrounding noise when sizing the sound systems they buy or rent.


  • Visuals- Be sure to have signs ready to go, and to arrange supporters with signs behind the speaker. This layout ensures that photographs taken of the speaker show a strong, active group behind them.


  • Speaking Program- Pay attention while writing your speeches to avoid data and analysis that may bog down listeners. Keep comments short, sweet, and easy to understand.


  • Advertising- Take advantage of various advertising methods in the days and weeks leading up to your rally. Include press releases for major and minor newspapers, and integrate social media into your plan.


Dr. King pointed out that the greatness of America came from our right to protest. By continuing in this heritage of social change, we make our future bright. Careful planning can keep your message from getting bogged down in the details. To see more of this important article by NGP VAN, click here.