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Wen By Chaz: The Cleansing Conditioner You Want And Need

Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner is an exceptional product that can replace your shampoo, conditioner, and detangler. This five-in-one product washes and conditions the hair while also detangling and nourishing each strand. The cleansing conditioner is used on dry hair, and is great for on-the-go usage. While those are all great attributes to this product, it still doesn’t begin to detail the many reasons why Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner is so unique.

The Unique Characteristics of the Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner

The Cleansing Conditioner is designed for use on all hair types. The product contains a unique blend of ingredients that have all been proven to enhance the life of the hair. With just a few uses of the conditioner, your hair can look amazing. The sulfate-free cleansing conditioner saves time in the bathroom, is lightweight and helps maintain soft, beautiful hair that you’ll love to show off to the world. Users of this cleansing conditioner use the product without concern, knowing that the results are going to enhance their look and the health of their hair.

What’s Inside Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner?

The ingredients inside of the Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner also make the product unique to many of the others being sold today. Inside of the cleansing conditioner, you’ll find:

Rosemary Extract: This ingredient soothes the hair and keeps frizz at bay
Glycerin: This humectant moisturizes the hair and leaves it tangle-free and soft
Wild Cherry Bark: This ingredient is responsible for conditioning your hair
Panthenol: This ingredient is responsible for damage prevention and hair restoration, working to strengthen each strand

The Sweet Almond Mint scent adds extra indulgence in the product use. Your hair is left shiny, healthy, and manageable, but this amazing smell is always easy to notice. You’ll love smelling your hair as much as those around you!

Final Thoughts

Thousands of Wen by Chaz users agree that the Cleansing Conditioner is an amazing product worth your use. But, don’t take anyone else’s word for it when you can easily find out firsthand.

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The Copa Star Moves From The Look Of Tradition

In the medical profession, tradition is important. There is a long history regarding how things are done, why things are done, and how things look. The hospital is one of the aspects of the medical profession where tradition is very important. Many people have an idea of how almost any hospital will look because most hospitals are built with a certain look and appearance. The inside layout of hospitals follow tradition in the same manner as the outside structural look.

Tradition has played a huge role in the hospital and it continues to play a huge role. However, there are beginning to be changes with some new hospitals that are being built. Some new hospitals are being built without regard to how traditional hospitals look. One of these new hospitals is Copa Star. Located in Brazil, the Copa Star is a hospital that is far from the look of the traditional hospital. The look of the Copa Star was not based on other hospitals. The look of the Copa Star was based on the look of a five star hotel.

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As a result, the Copa Star provides a look that most people who are familiar with hospitals would not distinguish. In addition, many people who would drive up to the Copa Star would probably not expect it to be a hospital. Even going inside, the Copa Star does not give people an indication of a hospital in the traditional sense. The look of the Copa Star is luxury. All the aspects of the Copa Star were built to provide a look of luxury. This look gives the Copa Star a unique place in the medical profession.

However, the Copa Star is much more than just looks. The luxury design and appearance of the Copa Star is only a part of what makes the Copa Star. The hospital is truly a hospital in every aspect. The medical equipment inside the Copa Star is top of the line. The facilities that the Copa Star offer are all top of the line, and some of the best medical professionals in Brazil work at the Copa Star.

The level of medical services provided at the Copa Star rivals the medical services provided at the best hospitals in Brazil. This is one of the goals set by the owners of the Copa Star. They wanted to build a hospital that could compete and one day replace the best hospitals in Brazil regarding performance and popularity.

Tradition has always been an important part of the medical profession. The hospital has served as one of the focal points of tradition in the medical profession. Although tradition continues to be important in the medical profession, the hospital as an facility is starting to change in certain aspects to embrace changes in ideas and thoughts by people running many hospitals today. Be sure to like them on Facebook.

Over-Washing Your Hair And Still Looks Dull? Try No Lather WEN By Chaz

Many of us wash our hair too much, sometimes even twice daily. That’s actually hair suicide, if you think about it. Shampoos and conditioners found at most stores contain some ugly secrets, like sulfates and other chemicals that injure hair rather than moisturize and strengthen it.

We keep washing daily to revive dull, limp strands, hoping that our big, sudsy lathers are giving us volume and zero frizzes. Our hair is suffering with these shampoo sulfates, along with the chemicals found in our dyes and other complicated hair processes. We seem to take a few steps back, because our tresses don’t have that Hollywood shine and manageability. That’s because the sulfates are stripping our locks, and most of us are unaware of the problem.

There is another way to thoroughly wash and condition the hair, thanks to L.A. celebrity stylist Chaz Dean. He is the true pioneer of the famous no lather shampoo system. His botanically-based, rich formulas offer pureness and moisture to hair of any texture and type. It’s a revolutionary system that has won fans over all across the globe.

Consider luscious scents and formulas like Sweet Almond Mint, Cucumber Aloe and Mandarin Italian Fig. These carefully developed formulas work harmoniously together with conditioning agents. These special blends help break down and remove oil and grime and environmental contaminants from strands in a basic, healthy manner. You don’t need a huge lather formula when you use Wen hair by Chaz.

The results speak for themselves. When you adopt the healthy WEN by Chaz hair care routine, you will notice your tresses come alive, have better shine, movement and strength.

Chaz Dean’s unique system offers hair help in the way of Cleansing Conditioners, Boosting Mousses, Anti-Frizz Styling Cremes and Moist Intensive Hair Treatments. The products are available on QVC. Check out WEN here.

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Wessex Institute of Technology has an open access E-Library

The Wessex Institute of Technology, also known as, WIT, is highly esteemed and well known investigative research and educational group, for acquiring advanced learning. They’re located in Ashurst Lodge, which is in the South of England.


Their stated goal, is to generate a series of information broadcasting methods, for exchanging information between business professionals and academics.


In 1986, Professor Carlos Brebbia, created the group. Their interests are placed on Research, Publishing and Conferences.


They’re the beneficiary of the George Green Medal, because of a shared endeavor between University of Mississippi, In America and Wessex Institute of Technology.


Wessex Institute of Technology, is exceedingly admired, for their range of publications and conferences, which have gained them attention from several Universities, all over the world.


Their online, open access, WIT library, displays over 30,000, peer reviewed papers, that range from the years 1993 to 2016.  Click on for more info.

InnovaCare Health Thrives Further Under The Leadership Of Rick Shinto

The healthcare industry has experienced a lot of transformation over the years and many of the changes people enjoy today are as a result of the great support the government has been offering. Programs like Medicare opened up new opportunities for private companies and allowed the government to work on uplifting the quality of the services it offers to its people. Managing the healthcare needs of many people is a process that takes a lot of planning and great ideas and that is what many of these private companies have been offering.

A good example is InnovaCare Health, which has been offering unique managed healthcare services to the residents of Puerto Rico and neighboring regions. InnovaCare Health has been in the business for over one decade and starting 2012, the company experienced many changes that led to the introduction of better ways of handling the several problems that are presented by clients.

They came up with better ways of managing the Medicare Advantage program and today, the company manages over 280, 000 users of the program. One of the factors that led to this great shift is having professionals who are experienced enough to handle the many challenges the company was facing initially. Almost every office was given a new person to manage affairs and with these changes, InnovaCare Health was able to rebrand and to come up with unique methods of serving customers in various categories.

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto, the Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health, is one of the individuals who joined the company in the period starting 2012, when many changes were happening in the various sections of the company. He is a clinical medicine expert who has been in the industry for over 20 years and with the experience he has gathered, he wrote several journals and articles addressing some of the issues that bar progress in the healthcare industry. Rick Shinto worked with companies like MedPartners and Aveta Inc before he moved to join InnovaCare Health. His skills were also relied upon by the government during missions that were meant to offer solutions to the entire healthcare system in the country. Read another article on

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides, who has been serving as InnovaCare Health’s chief administrative officer, is also a professional whose presence at the company came as a benefit to its development. She boasts of over 20 years working with different companies and her ideas led to the re-design of the service delivery system of InnovaCare Health.


AXA a French multinational insurance company was founded in 1816; then, it was called Mutuelle de L’assurance center L’incendie. In 1985 the CEO Claude Bébéar picked AXA, he had hired a consultant to search for a name that would be pronounced the same in all languages. AXA headquarters is in Paris in the 8th arrondissement. Since it started operations acquired different companies to make the great AXA; firms bought were Compagnie Parisienne de Garantie, Drouot Group, and Winterthur Group, Union des Assurances De Paris, Guardian Royal Exchange and The Equitable. For eight years it has been the first insurance brand in the world, and Vitali et al. named it the second most powerful transnational company. The insurance firm has initiatives like AXA Heart in Action and AXA Research Fund; the research fund support research on risks that affect human, environment, and society.

Vincent Parascandola, Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors in New York, for seventeen years has been registered by industry securities and has registration for FINRA and SEC too. He has over twenty-five years of experience in the financial environment. Throughout his employment, he has been holding high ranks in the different divisions he worked. Mr. Parascandola has worked with AXA firm for almost twelve years; he was executive vice president, President-advantage group, president-northern division, president-continental division and chief sales officer and president-continental division all in AXA Equitable before becoming the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA US. He had worked at the Mony Securities Corporation for fourteen years, was an agent at Prudential Insurance and System Analyst at Irving Trust Company all this before joining AXA; by the time he was leaving Mony, he was the Field Vice President.

Vincent is an alumnus of Pace University – Lubin School of Business where he earned a Bachelor degree in Computer Science; he had previously attended Xaverian High School. He is skilled in Life Insurance, Financial Services, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning and Asset Management. Vincent’s skills and expertise has pulled him up to his career ladder and having reached where he proves he is good at his job and AXA insurance company is lucky to have an experienced person like him.


EOS Beat Chapstik: How’d They Do It?

If you are still reaching for Chapstik to heal your dry, cracked lips, maybe the time to update has arrived. EOS is a brand that, in a matter of a couple of years, outdid Chapstik and become one of the most preferred brands on the market.

EOS lip balm is the brand millennials prefer and the company knew exactly how to reach those people, their target audience from the start. The company used social media, style, and flair to attract their audience, giving them something new and refreshing in the world of lip balms.

It is true that EOS is a brand with plenty to get excited about. Their oval shaped pods were a great start in the attractiveness,, and the all-natural ingredients used to compose the product is music to the ears of those against animal cruelty/ animal testing. The balms started by taking over nearly the entire shelf space at Walgreens, then Walmart, and eventually Target. Today, online merchants such as Racked, eBay, Ulta and Amazon have EOS products on their webstores too. The company also added many great flavors ( to the line-up and interacted with the consumers they wanted to target in every way possible.

It paid off and it did so handsomely. Until EOS, Chapstik and Blistex were the two main lip balm competitors. Now, both rank under EOS and Burt’s Bee balms. Both companies leading the way use all-natural ingredients in their products.


The Passion of Betsy Devos

Donald Trump has nominated Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education. This is quite a huge accomplishment for her because she fought hard for education for so many years. She has worked so hard with her husband to provide resources for kids in the school system. The DeVos family has given more than a billion to education, and they are continuing to give. This is a sign of her commitment to provide quality education to kids in Michigan, and now Donald Trump is giving her the chance to make improvements in education through the United States.

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DeVos, a republican, has become a long-time advocate of school choice. She is also in favor of the voucher programs and charter schools. Betsy has been working hard for improvements in education for a very long time. She knows that kids that get a quality education are going to have a much better chance to be productive in society. This is important because there are kids that have different kids. Some children are good in art. Others may excel in math and science. There are others that have become fond of writing. There are so many areas of study for children to consider, but it takes quality educators to pull out the potential in children. As a long-time advocate of education reform Betsy DeVos has been showing people that she is passionate about making things better in the classroom.

So many people are in favor of what Betsy DeVos has been doing, but they may not have the same financial resources to do what Betsy has been doing over the years. DeVos is fully aware of that, and she has taken the time to start a foundation with her husband because they do have the resources that many other people lack. Betsy Devos has four children, and she has made sure that they all had access to a quality education when they were growing up. She didn’t stop there though. Betsy would continue to make sure that people were receiving a quality education by starting the Dick and Betsy Foundation. This is where she has been able to find a better way to improve upon resources in the school systems.

Betsy DeVos is giving people a fair choice for better education for their children, and that is why more people are going to consider her to be a good candidate for the Secretary of Education. She has the experience, and she has proven that she is good at what she is doing. She has been the Chairman of the Charter School Alliance, and she has proven her skills in leadership there. Now she has chance to make an even greater impact on education.Visit her website:

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association is a True Benefit to the Facilities and Patients that they Serve

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association has been around for over four decades, and they are showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to their commitment to excellence in providing anesthetic services. The ongoing training that their team of over 80 physicians receives helps to keep them knowledgeable about what’s current in the field of best anesthesiology medical practices. Each physician is also board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology, or they are actively pursuing this certification. CAA holds each member of their staff up to high levels of service and care. There are 130 certified registered nurse anesthetics. Each of them has attained a graduate level education along with board certification in anesthetics. The facilities, education partners, and philanthropic organizations that CAA regularly works with all benefit from the continuous growth of each clinical staff member at CAA. Overall, the entire practice is a part of the Anesthesia Quality Institute (AQI). The AQI helps CAA to remain among the top patient care services in the nation due to their ongoing commitment to quality improvement.

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The Recreational Opportunities at Roberto Santiago’s Mall

While malls do tend to have some type of recreational activities available for customers, they tend to be just for kids. In many cases, the adult customers are left just watching their kids run around. Roberto Santiago has decided that one of the ways to make Manaira Shopping mall stand out is to have something for the adults too. Fortunately, there are tons of different types of adults. For instance, they have a lounge that allows people to just hang out and enjoy meals and drinks. Also, Roberto Santiago have plenty of games for the customer to take part in. This goes way beyond the usual arcade that malls have.

One of the recreational activities that Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has is bowling. People could take part in bowling tournaments at Gold Strike Bowling. These alleys offer 6 electronic tracks where people can meet and show the skills that they have at this game. They can live the excitement of getting the strike that wins the game. Gold Strike Bowling on is located at the leisure area of Manaira Shopping. One could either play or just relax and enjoy the different games that are in effect.

One thing that this mall has that is very rare for an indoor shopping mall is a fitness gym. This mall fitness facility grants people access to high intensity fitness machines on All it takes to join a membership is to pay a fee of $59.90. This will give people the space needed to get themselves in much better shape.

One major recreational opportunity of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is the Space Lounge that is attached to a bowling facility. Customers can not only watch some games, but they can also enjoy some drinks that are offered to them.

Then one has to check out food offerings at the mall. For one thing, there are fast food restaurants like Burger King. However, there are fine dining restaurants that Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall offers for people that are more interested in discovering some more exotic and even healthier foods. Manaira Mall is really good about offering people options for everything they want to try out and enjoy.