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Amicus Therapeutics: Developing Treatments for Rare Genetic Illnesses

Where can a parent turn if their child has a rare genetic disease with no known treatment or cure? What hope is there to develop treatments for diseases and conditions that do not impact massive numbers of people but which can kill your child or loved one. Amicus Therapeutics, through its development of new and innovative therapies for rare genetic diseases, is working to research and develop treatments that could make the difference between life and death for the children and families affected.


Amicus Therapeutics, founded on February 4, 2002, and which went public in 2007, is an American biopharmaceutical company based In Cranbury, New Jersey that works to develop treatments and produce therapeutic products for rare and “orphan” diseases. An “orphan” disease is a rare disease that is usually caused by a genetic defect and affects only a very small percentage of the population.


Amicus Therapeutics specifically works on treatments on what are called lysosomal storage diseases (LSD) which comprise approximately 50 rare inherited metabolic diseases that have an incidence of approximately 1:100,000. This group of diseases is caused by genetic defects in enzymes that affect the normal digestive functioning of lysosomes which are sac-like structures within cells.


Amicus Therapeutics has produced remarkable advances in the treatment of diverse types of lysosomal storage diseases. As recently as August 15, 2017, Amicus Therapeutics announced approval by the Australian Therapeutics Goods Administration for “Galafold” for the treatment of Fabry Disease in patients 16 years and older with an “amenable” genetic mutation. Fabry disease is a type of lysosomal storage disease that results in the buildup of certain fats in the body’s cells and which can be fatal. Galafold works by stabilizing the dysfunctional enzyme allowing it to work properly to clear the accumulating substrate. Amicus Therapeutics Chairman and CEO John F. Crowley emphasized the importance of ”… providing the first oral precision medicine for Fabry disease to patients throughout the world.” It is impossible to represent a parent’s gratitude to Amicus Therapeutics for their courageous and life-saving innovations that can save lives (YahooFinance).

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Edisoft: Leading the Way to More Efficient Trading

Established in 1995 Edisoft is a one of a kind company that specializes in supply chain performance. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada the team at Edisoft is continually striving to improve the efficiency of the trading experience for small and medium sized businesses. Edisoft achieves this through a variety of outlets.

One way in which Edisoft aims to manifest a more streamlined method of trading between small and medium sized companies is through the implementation of supply chain performance. By tracking all aspects of shipping and trading supplies, individual companies are better able to make more informed decisions. Edisoft is known for their high quality work in supply chain performance.

Edisoft executes supply chain performance by looking at a large spread of data considered to be vital when trading between small and medium businesses. Analysis of this data better allows a company to understand where improvements could be administered as part of their business trading process. With this in mind, the field of supply chain performance has made many strides over the years.

Recently, a discussion regarding the appropriate utilization of large sets of data as a way to fine tune supply chain performance has erupted (LinkedIn). As part of the debate, it is suggested that companies begin leveraging big data as a way to more efficiently tweak areas in need of improvement across the supply chain performance. This becomes particularly helpful to companies, large and small when there are multiple trading partners involved in a shipment. While this may occur with domestic shipments, it is most common to see many trading partners in global shipments. As such, when there is an increased number of trading partners present within a single shipment there is an escalated likelihood of greater variance in factors such as the shipment being delivered in a timely manner. Despite the example provided in this article it is important to remember that numerous components are considered when analyzing a supply chain performance.

In conclusion, the use of large data sets provides a more effective method for determining which aspects of shipment between trading partners could be improved.

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All You Need To Know About Paul Mampilly, An American Investor

Paul Mampilly is an American investor who founded the successful investment newsletter that has over ninety thousand subscriber that has helped millions of individuals interested in gaining knowledge and confidence needed in making wise decisions in the investment sector.

Paul was born in India and he later traveled to the US while he was a young man. He has an experience of over twenty five years in his career. Mr. Mampilly began his career from a humble beginning as a portfolio manager at Banker’s Trust in nineteen ninety one.

Paul Mampilly has held numerous leadership positions in internationally known financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank,ING and the Royal Bank of Scotland and several privately owned institutions. Paul Mampilly is also a mentor who gives investment advices to growing investor. He has also made outstanding personal investments such as the drug treatment that was developed by Sarepta Therapeutics in twenty twelve. Paul had faith in the company which has a history of providing high-quality medication therapies and he gained a twenty five hundred percent in the end.

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He also has invested in a stream of other wise investment choices over the years. Mr. Mampilly makes his decisions based on the current research and market trends thus making him to provide useful investment advice to all interested parties that will guide them towards a similar success that he has achieved. Paul focuses on businesses and has also been a hedge fund manager. He has won numerous awards such as the Templeton Foundation investment competition. Viewers have seen Paul on several television broadcasts such as Bloomberg TV and other networks.

Paul Mampilly founded Profits Unlimited and as he works with the company, he advises and guides individuals who are interested in learning about the type of stocks to invest in and when to divert from the stock market. Pauls’ vast knowledge and experience has made him be an asset for Kinetics International Fund since the hedge fund company has seen success under his leadership. Paul gives ideas to his subscribers about companies to invest in and the specific time to invest in the event. He also shares information on the products to sell at a convenient time. Mampilly retired at the age of forty two to spend some quality time with his family while he still provided tips to his Subscribers.

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What Is Lime Crime’s Latest Scandal?

Lipsticks, makeup, foundation and lip gloss are among some of the most popular products of any genre. Cosmetology is everywhere as it seems to cross the invisible boundaries of each field of work. When you think of cosmetic brands, what are the first names that come to mind? Many of you will probably say Maybelline, MAC or L’Oréal. Yes, these are all great brands, but have you ever heard of a brand named Lime Crime? If you haven’t heard, and you just so happen to a female, the sign of the times may not be a priority for you.

Lime Crime is shaking up the industry thanks to its personality and appearance. This popular beauty brand tends to use some of the boldest color tones of any makeup brand. Colors that will definitely help you stand out while in a crowd. Lime Crime was developed by Doe Deere. Fashion has always been a prominent role in her life since she was a child. She always seem to stand out amongst her friends thanks to her eclectic sense of style. This eclectic since of style is paying huge dividends today. Lime Crime’s beauty products have many advantages such as having bold colors and durability.

Scandal is the new kid on the block, and it’s making a huge statement. Scandal is simply luxurious at its core. Its striking deep plum appearance is a thing of beauty. It has been a long time since a lipstick has made such a huge splash right out the gate, but that’s the marketing genius of Deere. If you want to make an impression and leave an impact, Scandal can help you achieve this. The liquid-matte lipstick has gained a huge following and the media is helping to solidify its place on the (GOAT) list, which means “Greatest of all Time.” Scandal is the personification of its very own name, and it has the attitude to back up all claims.

Two Great Securus Innovations

There are two stunning innovations from Securus that I believe merit discussion. First, you have to know what Securus does and how they fit into our society.


Running a correctional facility is an incredibly difficult thing to do. It’s like running a hotel that comes with more security concerns. Each facility requires all sorts of public health and safety services. These services include janitorial, plumbing and telecommunications. Securus is a prison telecommunications company.


Prisoners don’t just have the option of which telecommunication company they’d like to use every time they make a phone call. Prisons choose the telecommunications company and they lock that company into a contract. Inmates must use the company that the prison chooses. Inmates should count themselves lucky if they get Securus as their provider.


Securus has good reviews, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and they are accredited by the same agency. They have reinvested over $600 million of their own profits to make their products better. They also innovate new solutions on a near-daily basis.


These innovations often keep prisoners and prison guards safer. The company has innovated a cell phone jamming system that makes it impossible for rogue cell phones to connect to a network inside of the prison. The technology also locates the rogue phone so that guards can confiscate the contraband. Communications channels outside of the recorded telephone call system are dangerous and can be used to plan crimes or escapes.


Securus records all the phone calls that go through their lines. A software innovation allows guards to search the recorded phone call data bank for an individual’s voice or a key phrase. The calls are then brought up virtually instantly. The information in these phone calls can lead to arrests and often times the information prevents crimes inside and outside of the facility.


3 LifeLine Screening Tests That Can Save Your Life

When it comes to consumer preventive health screenings Life Line Screening is leading the way. They offer safe, non invasive preventive screenings that are quick and painless. The idea is to identify symptoms before they become serious health problems.

Here are 3 Life Line Screening tests that have the potential to save your life:

Ultrasound Screening

When most of us think of ultrasounds we think of them being used to monitor a pregnancy. And while that is a very common use, it is not the only use. Ultrasound screenings are also very effective at detecting wide range of health issues.

With ultrasounds, high frequency sound waves, also known as sonography, are used to create images of the various organs and structures in your body. The images will then be read by a board certified physician to determine if any treatment is necessary.

Finger Stick Blood Screening

If you or someone you know suffers from diabetes then you are very familiar with finger stick blood tests. The reason this type of test is so popular is because of how easy it is to administer.

All you do is make a small prick on the soft pad of the finger, put a few drops of blood on a strip, and the test is complete. It is fast and health care virtually painless. Once the small sample has been taken a complete panel will be done to access the patient.

This one small sample can tell doctors your cholesterol levels, your blood sugars levels and even whether or not your liver is functioning properly.

Limited Electrocardiograph

This screening test used to determine if a patient has atrial fibrillation, also known as an irregular heartbeat. Most people who have atrial fibrillation don’t experience any symptoms. That’s why this type of screening is so important. It can detect the signs early enough and reduce the risk of strokes and other complications.

This is a non invasive test that requires no preparation. Nor does it require you to remove your clothing.

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What are EOS Lip Balms Used For?

Lip balms are one of the most underrated yet essential products in cosmetic collections. Not only do they hydrate chapped lips, but they can help protect the lips from harsh UV rays while providing a good base for other lip products. The only other part about lip balms is that they are either too expensive or poor-quality. In some cases, lip balms can further irritate the lips. Great news for great people here on

The EOS lip balms were created specifically to be affordable but also provide the best hydration for lips of all skin types. These products can be recognized by their colorful spherical makeup. These products, which can be found at most convenient or drug stores, are loaded with hydration ingredients. Just to name a few: vitamin E, shea butter, natural oils, and jojoba oil among others. EOS lip balms are hypoallergenic and have been dermatologist tested, so there is no need to fret if you have especially sensitive skin. There are also different lines in this product, all having their own unique qualities and fun flavors. To list a few: Shimmer, Original, Organic, Medicated, and Active.

The Original line has the largest selection of flavors to choose from and is what started it all. The Organic is quite similar, only that its ingredients are all Organic. The Active line contains SPF, making it great for the outdoors. Medicated also has additional ingredients aimed to sooth especially chapped or irritated lips. And lastly, the Shimmer line has a touch of sparkles to help brighten up any face, head over this site.

Despite being a “drugstore” brand, these lip balms have found their ways into the hands of a handful of celebrities. These products are portable, give a bit of personality, are easy to use, taste yummy, smell yummy, have a wide range that anyone can appreciate, and most important: deliver high quality results. You can purchase one here on

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Shimmer Line of EOS Lip Balm Is Perfect For Bringing Moisture Back To Dry Lips

Are you looking for a specific type of lip balm that will bring out the best in your dry lips while restoring moisture to your lips? If so, the EOS shimmer line is going to help you bring out the best in your lips. The line of lip balm is going to add a touch of color to your lips while making them healthy once more. Here are some of the choices you have in the shimmer line of EOS lip balm. Read for more cool stories.

The EOS shimmer lip balm in sheer pink is going to soften your dry lips while it provides the hint of shimmer, check it also here on It comes packed with shea butter as well as a number of antioxidants like vitamin E and jojoba oil all inside of the pink shimmer sheer color. If you are someone who loves the line of EOS lip balm, this is one that you must try out.

The shimmer pearl line is another good option to add a touch of color to your lips as well as providing them with the hydration it needs to be healthy, check this out. The pearl line is going to contain shea butter and it will help to nourish the dry lips. The lip balm flavor contains jojoba oil as well as vitamin E which is essential to bringing moisture back to your lips. The line of EOS is paraben free and contains no petrolatum. It will glide on easily and will lock in moisture.

The shimmer coral line of EOS is great for providing a touch of color to your lips and it helps to make you smile once more since it will help to replenish lost oils in dry lips. The lips will become hydrated once more with the shimmer coral color choice. If you are looking for a color that will look good while looking more natural, the coral choice is perfect for adding just a hint of color.

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What Capitol Anesthesiology Association Does For Patients

When you go into surgery, your anesthesiologist is just as important as your surgeon. He doesn’t just put you to sleep, he’s there to monitor your condition and make any adjustments that are necessary. The following are services that Capitol Anesthesiology Association, based in Austin, Texas, can help you with.

General Anesthesia

This is the type of anesthesia used during surgeries for which you need to be completely still and unconscious. This can include abdominal, chest, brain or heart surgery. During this type of anesthesia, you anesthesiologist will carefully moniter your condition.

Regional Anesthesia

For this type of anesthesia you receive a sedative medication by IV to make you relaxed. You then get local anesthetic medication applied next to the nerves the produce feeling in the part of the body to be operated on.

Local or Monitored Anesthesia Care

For this type of anesthesia your level of consciousness is carefully monitored throughout the procedure, and local anesthetic is injected in the skin and tissues being operated on.

Pediatric Anesthesiology

This is a specialty area for anesthesiologist, which requires additional training and certification. Capitol Anesthesiology Association’s anesthesiologists make decisions about what your baby needs considering all aspects of her case.

Obstetric Anesthesia

Capitol Anesthesiology Association’s anesthesiologists undergo extensive training to administer any available pain relief option you need during your labor.

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Anesthesia

For surgeries involving a cardiopulmonary bypass Capitol Anesthesiology Association’s anesthesiologists work with your surgical team to provide you with the invasive and advanced monitoring you need.


Yanni Hufnagel Outstanding Basketball Career

Yanni Hufnagel found his enthusiasm for b-ball at an exceptionally youthful age. He has dependably delighted in perusing books about instructing. In secondary school, he was in the school ball group and a periodic analyst amid nearby diversions at a TV slot in Scarsdale, New York where he grew up. He did a few other smalltime occupations including filling in as b-ball administrator at the Cornell University where he did his undergrad contemplates. He additionally worked with New Jersey Nets for a couple of months as a late spring understudy. Hufnagel later filled in as right hand b-ball mentor at the University of Oklahoma from where he graduated with a graduate degree in 2010.

Yanni Hufnagel trained the Harvard men’s ball group close by Tommy Amaker for a long time. He was likewise the group’s selection representative, because of his momentous capacity to recognize potential in a player.The group’s execution enhanced immensely under his direction. He likewise instructed the b-ball groups of the University of California, Berkley and Vanderbilt. In April 2016, Yanni Hufnagel was delegated associate mentor of Nevada Wolf Pack, the men’s b-ball group at the University of Nevada where he attempts to date.He is extraordinary compared to other selection representatives in the U.S. His astounding ability and tremendous involvement in instructing have seen him get many employment offers from a portion of the greatest b-ball groups in the U.S.

Yanni Hufnagel has had an exceptionally effective instructing vocation, on account of his incredible enthusiasm for training. He has been of incredible help to every one of the groups he worked with as a mentor or a right hand mentor. Nevada Wolf Pack is faring great under the direction of Hufnagel and Eric Musselman and is required to improve in the coming seasons. Hufnagel is a profitable advantage for the universe of ball and it is no big surprise that he is on such appeal.