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Our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms Makes Americans Feel Safer

Since 2000, the number of Americans who feel safer having a gun in their home has nearly doubled. Sixty three percent felt safer possessing a firearm, while only three in ten felt it dangerous. This rising trend has considerably increased from poll statistics taken between 2000 and 2006 when less than half of Americans felt it was a safe choice.
Democrats and Republicans are deeply divided on their opinions, with 81 percent of Republicans believing that owning a gun enhances safety, and only 41 percent of Democrats agreeing. Despite the party affiliation gap, Americans, regardless of gender, race or what region they are from, mostly seem to agree that having a gun in their homes makes them safer.
The rising trend in our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms is evident in the fact that today, 42 percent of Americans report having a gun in their homes as opposed to only 34 percent in 1999. Of these figures, 30 percent of those surveyed report that they personally owned the gun, while 14 percent say the gun belonged to another household member.
Florida made a huge statement in 2005 by being the first state in our nation to pass the “Stand Your Ground” law. The idea of law abiding citizens owning and having guns in their homes for self-protection has grown. According to lawyer Sam Tabar, this rise in ownership has lead to a significant fall in violent crimes.

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