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OrganoGold – A Company on a Mission

In 2008, a small coffee shop with three employees opened in Canada. Its goal was to sell quality coffee and tea products that would attract a steady customer base. Today, that little coffee shop is an international Network Marketing Company called OrganoGold, a direct sales organization operating in over 35 countries.

So how did this company establish a global presence in such a short period of time? By adopting the vision and commitment of its CEO and co-founder Bernardo Chua. Known as “Bernie” to his friends, he learned the secrets of business from his family while growing up in the Philippines.

More importantly, Bernado Chua learned about an ancient Chinese herb called Ganoderma which comes from a very particular type of mushroom. It contains anti-oxidants which combat harmful free radicals and boost immune systems. Bernie witnessed the impact of Ganoderma in his homeland and he made it his goal to introduce this herb to the rest of the world. He did just that at OrganoGold.

Other companies also use the Ganoderma herb but OrganoGold is the only North American company to use a purely organic variety which is much more potent. It is not only added to the coffees and green tea but also used in the manufacture of OrganoGold’s neutraceuticals (foods with additional health benefits like supplements)and personal care products.

The company that once focused on attracting customers now strives to improve lives by helping those customers reach new levels of wellness, prosperity, and balance.

OrganoGold carries out that mission by following the principles of loyalty, unity, and edification. In addition, the company funds various research studies and is a corporate sponsor of the OG Cares Foundation, working with young people to build future leaders. All this to remain one of the most respected companies in the world.

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