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Organic EOS Lip Balm Returns To Its Natural Roots

The growth of the lip balm market in recent years has resulted in a growing number of flavors and colors designed to bring the best in organic ingredients to the EOS lip balm range for the long term. Among the many flavors available in the EOS Lip Balm range is the organic strawberry option which is certified 100 percent organic and made solely from natural ingredients; in a bid to make sure the natural ingredients of EOS Lip Balm are as safe for use as possible the company does not test their products on animals and are tested by dermatologists.

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EOS Lip Balm has been making an impact on the future of the beauty industry this company has been looking to develop its range of products to include pomegranate, passion fruit, and summer fruits flavors to make the experience of using these lip balms as enjoyable as possible. EOS lip balms in the organic range have been developed to not include petroleum and paraben alongside being enriched with shea butter and natural fruit extracts, refer to

Established less than a decade ago, EOS Lip Balm has spent much of the last few years establishing an instantly recognizable brand based on the pastel and bold-colored packaging used for its range of high-quality products. Using an innovative marketing approach which brought together many of the leading celebrities of the 21st-century as pop stars such as Katy Perry brought these products to their fans.

In such a short space of time, the new approach taken to lip balm by EOS Lip Balm has resulted in the company rising to the position of having the second highest number of sales in the U.S. with an estimated revenue by 2020 of $2 billion.


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