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One Step Closer To Developing A Drug That Can Extend A Human Being’s Lifespan

Every single person, at some point or another have fantasied about the possible of being able to consume a drug that can extend their lifespan, within their lifetime. And while the medical community constantly debates on whether or not, the creation of a drug like that could be possible, in recent years, there have been an abundance of research that have been conducted that demonstrates that some drugs and hormones can alleviate some of the symptoms that are associated with aging such as collagen.

Jason Halpern ( has read that a new research that was published on March 9th, caught the medical community off guard by proclaiming that they have identified a new type of drug, that can dramatically slow down the aging process.

The research team, which originates from The Scripps Research Institute, proclaimed that they firmly believe that this is the first step towards the possibility of introducing a new class of drugs that can extend a human being’s healthspan. The new class of drugs that they proclaim were responsible for slowing down the aging process has been coined as “senolytics”.

The team also proclaimed that when they injected senolytic agents into a group of mice that were of age, they noticed reduced symptoms of frailty, an extended health span and improved cardiac function as swell. The team also proclaimed that the new class of drugs may be able to delay and in some cases prevent or even reverse chronic age related diseases as well.

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