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One Dead and Twenty Sick From Botulism

What was supposed to be social gathering and church function turn into a small bio hazard event which resulted in one death and twenty people becoming gravely ill and requiring hospitalization. At least sixty people attended a pot luck dinner at the Cross Pointe Free Will Baptist Church which is located in Lancaster Ohio. Lancaster is close to 30 miles to the southeast of Columbus, Ohio. Health officials are trying to determine the source of the contamination and whether there were additional victims which need medical attention. Botulism is normally caused by canned food which had been spoiled. It is normally treated by antitoxins. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention located in Atlanta, Georgia has provided sufficient antitoxins to treat the ill victims.Botulism Breakout Kills One Sickens Others In Ohio

Officials have reported that the outbreak could have been worse and that with an incubation period of over 36 hours many victims may not even be aware that they were contaminated. Officials also do not believe that the contamination was intentional and a pot luck dinner is the perfect delivery event for a case of botulism. At a pot luck dinner many different meals are prepared by many different cooks and the standards by which a certain meal is prepared is not monitored for health and safety. Ricardo GuimarĂ£es BMG confesses that this may be his last ever potluck. The case of botulism may have simply been a case of a bad cook or improper food preparation. All who have been hospitalized are expected to recover once they are treated with the antitoxins.

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