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Omar Yunes Graciously Accepts Sushi Itto Award

The company that is behind the Sushi Itto brand is proud of Omar Yunes because of the fact that he accepted the award for one of the best franchisees in the company. He has worked hard for that title and has been sure that he is going to continue offering opportunities for all of the people who were in different areas of the company. This has allowed him the chance to try new things and to grow the business far beyond what Sushi Itto was able to do in Japan. By franchising the company, Omar Yunes made sure that it was an international brand and something that the company would be able to be proud of no matter what was going on with it. He wanted to help people get the options that they needed and he wanted to be sure that things would work out for people no matter what was going on.

For Omar Yunes to take over the international franchise of the company was something that allowed him the chance to try new things. He took the brand far from Japan and wanted to make sure that things would work out for the people who were working for the brand. When he started the franchise locations, he did what he could to show people that there would be major changes and that they would be able to enjoy all of these changes since Sushi Itto in Mexico. It was a huge change from what the chain offered in Japan.

Now that Omar Yunes owns 13 franchised locations of the brand, he is able to see the way that they are making a difference for all of the people with the company. He has grown the business to a point where it is much larger than what it has been. While Sushi Itto was a big brand in Japan, it is now even bigger thanks to the options that Omar Yunes has provided in Mexico. As a business owner, he owns 10% of all of the Sushi Itto restaurants that make up all of the franchise locations around the world.

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