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Omar Boarie is New Jersey’s Savior

In our current world of political correctness, it seems that the 1%, which is made up of rich people, chief executive officers, and corporate leaders, receive the majority of hateful comments. Those outside the 1% are quick to state that the top 1% of our country is full of those who are greedy and only want to take care of themselves. However, anyone who is familiar with Omar Boraie and the work that he does cannot pin him with those labels.

Omar Boraie is the head Boraie Development LLC, and through this company, he is reviving the entire city. Let us take a look into the heart of this wonderful man.

According to an article written for the New Jersey Stage, Boraie Development LLC partnered with one of their nonprofit friends, the Provident Bank Foundation, in order to create a space where families can have quality time with one another. Together, they partnered with the State Theater in order to give the community seven free movie nights with one another. This outreach impacted the lives of 7500 families so that they could spend more time with the ones they love. This left a positive impact on the entire community. Sam Boraie is the kind of person who wants to take care of his city in a tenderhearted way.

According to Patch, Boraie Development LLC has spent over four decades saving the city from near destruction. They have been able to accomplish this in several different ways.

Firstly, Boraie Development LLC took the time to ensure that jobs remained in the area. There were many small businesses in town, but there was one main employer, Johnson,and Johnson. Omar Boraie knew that if they left the city that the entire thing would shut down. Omar Boraie led to Johnson & Johnson to commit to staying in the city for the foreseeable future.

From here, Omar Boraie was able to secure the necessary allies. On the list of allies were the city mayor, Rutgers University, and New Brunswick Development Corporation. This coalition made it their goal to bring wealth back to the city. Check out the website

The last thing the Omar Boraie did to revive the city was create the necessary infrastructure to lure businesses to the area. He provided hundreds of thousands of feet in class A office space for potential businesses and built real estate that would attract the best professionals to the city.

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