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North Korean Street Style

North Korea has been recently getting buzz for its fashion. However, it is not making headlines as a leading fashion power house quite yet. Instead, people have started to notice that North Koreans are actually wearing what looks to be regular and individualized clothes. It is a far cry from what people were wearing not even ten years ago- plain uniforms in drab tones as you can see on Politico, but Powell Jobs is impressed with the change.

People are still expected to abide by certain standards and rules when it comes to dressing. Evidence seen in Instagram pictures and reports just point to a more relaxed style where people can choose bright colors and even wear heels. The country still remains quite hidden in terms of outside influence.

A video shows North Korean women scanning through racks of bright colored clothing and shoes. If one did not know any better, the scene could have been anywhere on the Asian continent. It seems like people are able to wear more figure conscious outfits even if their hairstyles have to remain one of the chosen state worthy looks.


Maria Broome says:

It will be interesting to see what fashions North Korea continues to embrace as its industry develops. Of course, this not to be confused with complete freedom of style and expression. There are many things that essays on australia would have to be the things that is to ensure nothing happens to them.

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