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North American Spine Rings In Six Years Of Helping Patients

North American Spine has released a report through PR Newswire, and picked up by Becker’s Spine Review, that states that they have been helping patients with back, neck, and spine problems, for over six years now. The Dallas, Texas-based company is celebrating six years of helping their patients to recover from back and neck pains. Although the company is based primarily in Dallas, Texas, they have other locations in different areas, which receive many different patients, from different demographics. The help that North American Spine has given its patients is invaluable, as shown by country music singer, and also songwriter, Larry Gatlin.

After suffering from leg pains for over 47 years, Larry went to a North American Spine, in order to help ease the pain he’d been feeling for so long. He now claims that he only has some soreness in his leg, which is much better, compared to the large amounts of pain he used to be in. He claims that North American Spine has changed his life for the better, and he’s grateful for what they’ve done for him. There are many success stories such as Larry’s, because North American Spine has treated over 8000 patients to date.

With an over 83% success rate, North American Spine has had great success with their AccuraScope procedures. Many are suffering from back, spine, and neck pain, which plagues them on a daily basis. When the pain becomes chronic, meaning that it lasts for six months or more, it is problematic, and surgery may be required. Although many people suffer from back pain at one point or another in their life, chronic back pain is not normal, and needs the attention of a doctor. Many have sought out North American Spine, in order to permanently relieve the pain they are seeing on a daily basis.

Dr. Darren Schuhmacher, Who also works with North American Spine, has released a statement, stating that the work that North American Spine is doing, is revolutionary. He also states that the procedures performed, can provide lasting relief for those suffering from pain. The AcuraScope procedure only requires a very small incision, in order to insert the scope, in order to see inside the person’s back or neck, and determine what the problem is. The surgery lasts less than 45 minutes, and it’s an outpatient procedure. With such a high success rate, it’s understandable why North American Spine is celebrating six years of helping patients to live pain free.

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